The Devil is a Part-Timer! sequel light novel: Hataraku Maou-sama


Maou the devil works part-time
Maou, the demon lord, works as a part-time fast food guy. Photo credit: IMDB.

The devil is a part-timer! Season 2 fans have been waiting for the release date for years, but it seems like the wait may finally be over in 2022. The anime is finally set to return with a new season and the whole community is excited.

As a result, the author develops a special novel The Devil is a Part-Timer! sequel called Hataraku Maou-sama – Okawari!!, and the audience has already shown a strong desire for it.

Hataraku Maou-sama – Okawari!! Release date of the novel in July 2022

The news comes from Japan, where Satoshi Wagahara announced that a sequel to The Devil is a Part-Timer will be released this summer. In July, the series returns to Maou with Hataraku Maou-sama – Okawari, a new light novel book. The work will be drawn through 029 and will take place in 2020, following the events of Wagahara’s final novel.

Fans aren’t sure what the sequel will be at this point, but they have some big requests. In fact, it seems readers are still fixated on the conclusion and his love triangle. If you’ve read the light novels, you know that upon arriving on Earth, Maou was torn between his feelings for Emi and Chiho.

Fans have been open about their affection for Emi, with many predicting the two stars would be dating. The light novels ended with Maou and Chiho getting closer. Emi kept quiet about her thoughts after her friend confessed.

The Devil is a Part-Timer left the door open for Maou to expand his harem, but the last-minute trade with Chiho disappointed many readers.

Fans expect this to be addressed, if not entirely retconned, in Wagahara’s forthcoming work. For now, only time will tell how Maou resolves his conflicted feelings, so let’s hope fans are happy with his decision.

The Devil is an announced Part-Timer 2 ED theme

Marina Horiuchi will sing the Season 2 ending song for The Devil is a Part-Timer. “Mizukagami no Sekai” is the title of the song.
The song was written and recorded by nano.RIPE, an amazing Japanese pop rock duo.

Official announcement of the ending theme.

Nano.RIPE is of course the couple behind the excellent theme tracks at the end of The Devil is a Part-Timer! Anime’s first season and also the theme song for Hanasaku Iroha: Home Sweet Home, the very first OP for Bakuman! Season 3 and the Glasslip ending theme.

Minami Kuribayashi was previously confirmed to sing the opening song called “WITH”.

What would you like to see in The Devil is a Part-Timer! Consequence? Do you think the ending of The Devil is a Part-Timer was done well in the books? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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