The Diego Scene That Breaks The Umbrella Academy Fans’ Hearts


In Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy, the gang travel back to the 1960s to stop World War III and a nuclear apocalypse. The Hargreeves cross paths with a younger Reginald involved in the plot to assassinate President Kennedy, not to mention he’s also a baby version of the family’s chimp, Pogo (played by Ken Hall, voiced by Adam Godley) , Has. The team meets with Reginald in Season 2 Episode 6, “An Easy Dinner” while they try to explain their situation. Unfortunately, Reginald doesn’t believe them, going so far as to call Diego “a desperate man, tragically unaware of his own insignificance and clinging desperately to his own ineffective reasoning”. Ouch. Diego struggles with his adoptive father’s comments and even stutters like he did as a child.

Fans on Reddit were heartbroken at how Reginald treated Diego in this scene. As u/Jackindevelopment put it, “I was so sad because he feels betrayed that no one supported him, but it’s like no one was prepared for the level of psychological whoop-a** Reggie was about to unleash .” Redditor u/Lacertoss played devil’s advocate for Reginald in the scene, suggesting his response is quite understandable. “I don’t know, I can hardly blame Reggie for that particular scene. He doesn’t even know Diego, but the guy kept accusing him of murdering someone. I understand where he’s coming from in this scene.”

Meanwhile, u/Scifichick32 points out that Hargreaves really didn’t have to be that cruel to Diego. “This scene is retrospectively worse when you find out that Hargreeves wanted exactly the same thing as Diego. For example, there was absolutely no need to emotionally destroy the boy for demonstrating the principles he was taught.” Long story short, Reginald has to be nice to his kids.

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