The F Formula Reviews – Proven Flirting Techniques To Attract Women!

The F Formula reviews

The F Formula is an information-packed training course that teaches the art of flirting to help men overcome the barrier of instant rejection. The step-by-step course was designed by relationship gurus Marni Kinrys and Marissa. Hundreds of men consider it effective as it reveals the three phases of flirting that help men attract women easily. This F Formula review will study this flirting guide in detail to help you decide whether it is worth a shot.

The F Formula Reviews – Can It Help You Flirt With Woman?

There are many guides and courses for flirting available today on and off the internet. But most of them are created by men. The F Formula is an exception as it was created by a female dating coach.

But it remains to be seen if it is better than other guides for flirting. So keep reading this The F Formula review, to find the answers to all your questions regarding The F Formula.

The F Formula reviews

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The F Formula Blueprint

The F Formula is a blueprint that helps men master the art of flirting and instantly attract women. It was designed by popular relationship experts Marni Kinrys and Marissa.

The information-packed course in PDF format takes you through each phase of the formula in step-by-step detail. The course modules also include instructional videos, mp3 audios, action guides, and over $238 worth of bonus content.

What makes the course unique and stand out from the rest is that it reveals to you the three predictable and discernible “Phases of Interaction” that govern every successful flirtatious interaction between a man and a woman.

Get To Know The Creators

The F Formula was created by the founder of The Wing Girl Method, Marni Kinrys. The guide was developed in collaboration with relationship expert Marissa and is the first product by The Wing Girl Team that is not created by Marni alone. 

Marni Kinrys is a professional dating coach with years of experience and thousands of successful clients. She is responsible for all the popular training programs offered by The Wing Girl Method, including The Banter Guide, The Approach Blueprint, Friend Zone, and many more.


What Is Included In The F Formula?

The F Formula course starts with a PDF ebook of over 72 pages that take you through each phase of The F Formula in step-by-step detail.

As you go through the PDF ebook you’ll be directed to exclusive instruction videos, mp3 audios, action guides, and over $238 worth of bonus content.

Here are some of the key contents of The F Formula course module:

✔️ The Foundations Of Flirting

✔️ How To Make Physical Escalation Easy As Counting To 4

✔️ The Hidden Female Behaviors You Need To Recognize To Flirt Properly

✔️ The Conversation Mistakes That Cole Women Off To You Sexually

✔️ The Two Flirting Roadblocks Most Guys Are Completely Blind To

✔️ How To Attract A Girl Under The Radar

✔️ How To Create An Emotional Roller Coaster

✔️ How To Elicit A Woman’s Attraction Signals For Each Flirting Phase

✔️ How To Keep Her Drawn To You – With The “Boomerang Technique”

✔️The One Key Difference Between Women In Their 20s And Women Over 30

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The F Formula – Working Process 

According to psychology, when two people are flirting with each other, they are going through an emotional “roller coaster” as multiple emotions pass through them in a short period.

Give the right environment, where the woman feels safe and at ease with the man, there is always a positive response because it is an evolutionary trait. 

Creating this environment will help men banter and push the limits of flirting without coming off as creepy. The F Formula works based on this theory.

The F Formula incorporates this knowledge to help men understand the Three Phases of Flirting that govern every successful flirtatious interaction. As per studies, women are biologically predisposed to naturally be responsive to these three subtle phases. 

Based on various F Formula reviews, The F Formula course teaches men to create the right environment for women to feel safe and comfortable and help navigate these three phases for a successful outcome.

The F Formula Scenarios

The F Formula Benefits

Learn The Three Phases Of Interaction: Men are wired differently from women, which is why they have no clue that the three phases of interaction exist or that it decides how successful you are in a flirtatious interaction. The F Formula will teach you everything you need to know about these three phases including what women like in each phase.

Master The Difficult Art Of Flirting: Flirting is an art that very few men are skilled in. That is why a large number of men get rejected instantly. The F Formula helps men master the art of dating, helping them to decide the outcome of every flirtatious interaction, every single time.

Confidence To Face Women: Most men lack the confidence to face women because they don’t know exactly what they are doing. No matter if you are too nice, an introvert or extrovert, socially awkward, or just quirky. The knowledge equipped from the F Formula will give you the confidence to face any woman because you’ll know exactly what you have to do.

Who Can The F Formula Help?

As per the official website, the F Formula is designed for every man who has been ever rejected by women. Those who feel they are been constantly friend-zoned or creep-zoned will find this guide helpful.

But it is equally helpful for all those who want to become attractive to women regardless of any of your emotional and physical features, whether you are young or old, introvert or extrovert, short or tall. If you feel unattractive or lack confidence, you can especially benefit from the F Formula.

Pros and cons of The F Formula Ebook  


✔️ High chances of success

✔️ Easy to follow

✔️ Trustworthy

✔️ Affordable and available

✔️ 7 complimentary bonuses

✔️ 100% refund policy


❌ Strictly available on the official website

❌ Only available in digital format

The F Formula customer reviews

The F Formula Price & Availability

The F Formula course is currently available and is reasonably priced at $47. Compare to other flirting-related guides and courses available today, this is quite affordable and seems much more effective. In addition, you also get bonuses worth $238 with each purchase. So it seems worth every dollar.

You can get access to The F Formula course only through the official website. The process is simple enough. All you have to do is click the “Add to Cart” button and you will be taken to a secure checkout page. Once the details are filled in and the payment is confirmed, you get instant access to the digital content.

(Note: There could be fake websites using the same or similar names to steal money from unsuspecting customers. So make sure you buy The F Formula only from the official website.)

The F Formula Bonuses

Bonus 1 – The OSA Method: Through this bonus, you can learn how to get women to open up to you and talk to you without any barriers or formalities.

Bonus 2 – Video Illustrations, Breakdowns, and Case Studies: With this bonus, you get real-life examples of the F Formula in action.  So this can help you watch and learn the mechanics of attracting women quite easily.

Bonus 3 – Instant Wit Blueprint: This is a bonus that teaches you to develop the specific type of charm and wit required to impress women. This is crucial as is understood from most psychological researches.

Bonus 4 – How To Touch Women Without Being Creepy: This bonus helps you understand the art of tactile contact. This is something all men should learn to not come off as a creep or pervert.

Bonus 5 – The Wing Girl Guide To Seductive Body Language: This bonus guide helps you refine your body language, including posture and facial expression, to make yourself more attractive and desirable to women.

Bonus 6 – Sexy Bantering Made Simple: This bonus is a basic guidebook that shows you how to use banter to create immediate connections when you meet new women.

Bonus 7 – Women Tell All Interviews: In this bonus, you get access to the deepest secrets about what women like in every phase of flirting through interviews with real women.

The F Formula Reviews – Does It Merit A Purchase?

The F Formula is a comprehensive training course that helps you master the difficult art of flirting. If you are someone who struggles when it comes to dating women and can’t seem to catch a break, this course could be a solution for you. The course has already been used by hundreds of successful men and can be accessed from the comfort of your home.

As I’ve already mentioned in this The F Formula review, it is considered a course with high chances of success as it works on the principle of the three predictable and discernible “Phases of Interaction” that govern every successful flirtatious interaction between a man and a woman. 

It is affordable and easy to follow. Besides, the course also comes with a 100% refund policy. So there’s no doubt that The F Formula is worth a shot!


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