The Faceoff That 1000-Lb Sisters Fans Want To See The Most


In many ways, Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, who works with morbidly obese patients on TLC’s My 600-lb Life, the complete opposite of Dr. Smith. When a patient joins Dr. Now, he has a no-nonsense attitude and absolutely no time for excuses. For example, if a patient tries to say that their weight gain is only water weight, they are quick to dismiss it as wrong.

Fans are dying to see how Dr. Now interacts with Tammy, who regularly finds excuses for why she can’t walk, cook, or stop dating men with a larger woman fetish. On Reddit, u/boddahfly said, “I want Tammy to get Dr. Now being disemboweled.”

Many agreed, including u/EmotionalMycologist9, who felt that Dr. Now’s rigid schedule is exactly what Tammy needs. “Dr. Now actually makes people work for it,” said this user. “Lose 60-100 pounds and not just a 1 month deal. He demands progress over a period of time so that it becomes a habit.

Although fans are convinced that a duel between Tammy and Dr. Now would be captivating to watch, not to mention potentially helping her qualify for surgery, some believe she’s dating Dr. Couldn’t handle Now’s bluntness. U/Sleuth1ngSloth said: “She would either defiantly shut down or fire him with a vulgar insult. She genuinely thinks all the people trying to help her are wasting their time…”

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