The Healthy Body, Healthy Hair Summit Review

For most people, their hair is a defining trait. It’s almost as if a piece of their identity has been taken away with just the thought of having none. Despite the abundance of supplements and topical hair remedies on the market, the same difficulties remain, with some notable improvements. Why should anyone accept less?

HealthMeans, an organization dedicated to providing accurate and valuable health information, feels that hair problems are more than just a problem of the scalp; they are also a problem of the mind and internal body.

What we put into our bodies and how we fuel our minds may be detrimental to hair health, and it will take more than acknowledging this truth to see improvements. So, where does one even begin in this situation?

There’s no better way to do this than to educate oneself, and one possible place to start is by signing up for The Healthy Body, Healthy Hair Summit: The Truth About Hair Loss.

What is The Healthy Body, Healthy Hair Summit?

The Healthy Body, Healthy Hair: The Truth About Hair Loss Summit (or The Healthy Body, Healthy Hair for short) is a virtual event organized to bring awareness to the importance of hair thinning and, more so on, early detection and management. Most of all, this summit aims to reveal to everyone that hair loss is not merely a challenge that must be overcome to safely keep one’s appearance but one that might point to a series of underlying health concerns. If left unaddressed, individuals can say goodbye to restoration because once form hair follicles are scarred, the chances of revival are slim.

Our editorial team is excited about The Healthy Body, Healthy Hair Summit because several speakers have joined forces to shed light on the latest scientific research on resolving hair loss. The solutions these experts plan to bring to the table are considered comprehensive and long-lasting – all without lifelong medications, painful procedures, or hair products. Would you believe us if we told you there aren’t just one but 50 overlooked causes of hair loss?

Functional medicine nutritionist Julie Olson, CN, BCHN, CFMP, will take charge as the host to sit through all 50 causes. Quite frankly, she believes an opportunity of this size will unlikely come again. For those who have been long-time strugglers of hair loss, Julie sees this summit as the only way people will get “a renewed sense of hope.” She further noted that people will also get ahold of her curated evidence-based material as well. All-in-all, this shows that as much as knowledge is power, so is taking actionable steps.

Learn how to achieve a healthy body and hair at the summit!

What is The Healthy Body, Healthy Hair Summit founded on?

The Healthy Body, Healthy Hair Summit is founded on theoretical and practical evidence for improving hair health naturally. By the end of this week-long summit, individuals will have become wiser in the following areas:

  • How to identify hidden health imbalances causing hair loss;
  • Why it is key to explore inflammatory, hormonal, digestive, and stress-induced causes;
  • Why nutrition, detoxification, and hair growth/strength protocols are a great first step;
  • How to strengthen hair health during a weight loss journey;
  • What the correlation between hair loss and viral infections is, and how it comes to that through EBV and COVID-19;
  • Why learn about epigenetic modifications for hair growth;
  • Hair health can be maximized while saving time, money, the right lab work, and resources.

Who will be speaking at The Healthy Body, Healthy Hair Summit?

Forty-five speakers throughout the week of June 12-18, 2023, will be helping to build the wealth of knowledge known as The Healthy Body, Healthy Hair Summit. What better way to honor these experts than by reviewing their achievements and what they offer? Let’s get right to:

Speaker: Tom O’Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN

Topic(s): The Link Between Autoimmunity, Gluten Intake & Hair Loss

Biography: Click here

Dr. Thomas O’Bryan is an expert on wheat and its role in developing autoimmune diseases. He has spent most of his career piecing together what he discovered while researching the underlying causes of chronic and autoimmune diseases. This docuseries, which premiered in 2016, has reached over 500,000 people worldwide. So, when asked if he had anything to share with The Healthy Body, Healthy Hair Summit, he didn’t hesitate. His segment attempts to educate the public about chronic inflammation, the impact of autoimmune on hair growth, and the connections between gut dysbiosis, toxins, and alopecia.

Speaker: Keesha Ewers, PhD, ARNP-C, IFM-C, AAP

Topic(s): The Negative Effects of Stress on Hair Loss

Biography: Click here

Dr. Keesha Ewers founded The Academy for Integrative Medicine and Functional Sexology and is an expert in integrative, conventional, and Ayurvedic medicines, autoimmune disorders, sexology, and psychotherapy. A woman of her stature has to have seen it all, right? To date, she has assisted women in reversing autoimmune diseases, healing from childhood trauma, and maintaining balanced hormones, to name a few. When her time to speak comes, people will learn about the relationship between hair loss and endocrine, nervous, and immune system imbalances, her own traumatic childhood story, and how she redefined the story and the dos and don’ts of a buzz cut.

Speaker: Sharon Stills, ND

Topic(s): Underlying Imbalances & Health Issues

Biography: Click here

Dr. Sharon Stills has been a naturopathic physician for over 20 years. Throughout her career, she used her understanding of biological medicine, natural treatments, protocols, and supportive healing approaches to help women of all ages traverse their life journeys. She managed many cases ranging from general health and chronic illness disease management to menopause, transition and beyond. Naturally, her choice of body imbalances as a topic of discussion did not surprise us in the least. To be more specific, she will focus on the human internal terrain, the 5R-phase detox technique, and adjusting the body for detoxification.

Speaker: Evan H. Hirsch, MD

Topic(s): COVID-19 & Hair Loss

Biography: Click here

Dr. Evan H. Hirsch is an energy medicine specialist. Why was such a specialized field chosen? When he graduated from residency and started his practice, he claimed to have lost his energy pre-residency. Though he could function, he was always tired, preventing him from exercising (or prioritizing said activity). Things only worsened as his poor energy was accompanied by cognitive fog, forcing him to switch from full-time to part-time work.

This was when he decided to investigate the causes of chronic fatigue, which led him to functional medicine. Evan and his team are now on a mission to overcome chronic fatigue, ME/CFS, extended COVID, and MCAS. For The Healthy Body, Healthy Hair, he will lead everyone through the impact of long-haul syndrome on hair loss, the interconnection of hair, immunological and hormone functioning, and what people should focus on for overall health.

Speaker: Christine Schaffner, ND

Topic(s): Role of the Lymphatic System in Hair Health

Biography: Click here

Dr. Christine Schaffner is a board-certified naturopathic physician who helped thousands of people recover from chronic illnesses. She is also well known for her participation in online summits, her Spectrum of Health podcast, a network of Immanence Health clinics and online programs championing biological medicine and therapeutic modalities, and her EECO technique for reclaiming health. To support those who have been long-time sufferers of hair loss, Dr. Christine Schaffner will provide an initial hair loss checklist, the body’s terrain and how it influences immune tolerance and hair growth, and strategies that promote lymphatic drainage and detox.

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Speaker: Amie Hornaman, DCN, CFMP

Topic(s): The Relationship Between Hair & Thyroid Function

Biography: Click here

Dr. Amie Hornaman has a reputation for being “The Thyroid-Fixer,” which quickly spread through her podcast on medicine and alternative health, her organization, Institute for Thyroid and Hormone Optimization to address thyroid dysfunction, and her line of supplements called The Fixxr™. If these endeavors do not show her thyroid function expertise, we don’t know what will. With that in mind, she plans to walk everyone through balancing hormones, avoiding thyroid testing pitfalls, and three simple strategies for regrowing hair naturally during this summit.

Speaker: Jason Prall

Topic(s): Why Hair Loss is Avoidable

Biography: Click here

Jason Prall is a mechanical engineer turned entrepreneur, filmmaker, and health optimization practitioner. As someone who suffered from his health challenges for 20 years, he took it when he was given the chance to study the root causes of his symptoms. Through this process, he helped himself become more robust and set out on a mission to help others in the same boat. In 2016, Jason transitioned from working in integrative disease care to health optimization and lifestyle medicine. The lessons he learned have culminated in a free online docuseries called, The Human Longevity Project, and this was just the beginning. Jason aims to shed light on two fundamental aging components, the “blue zones” of aging, and seven anti-aging tips to prolong hair loss.

Speaker: Shivan Sarna

Topic(s): Effect of SIBO on Alopecia

Biography: Click here

Shivan Sarna describes herself as a seeker of truth, an educator, a health advocate, and a community builder who once let gut problems control her life. When she realized the root cause of her SIBO condition, she told herself, “Not anymore.” This train of thought was far more rewarding than she would have imagined, leading her to create the SOS™ docuseries, the SIBO Recovery Roadmap® course, the IBS & SIBO SOS® Summits, and many more. Her knowledge of SIBO will have merit for individuals with hair loss problems, as the expert will delve deeper into the role of migrating motor complex, her SIBO and alopecia success story, and treatment options for overcoming SIBO.

Speaker: Chef James Barry

Topic(s): Nutrient Deficiencies, Food Sensitivities & Hair Health

Biography: Click here

James Barry is a chef and the founder of Pluck, a firm specializing in organ meats. When he discovered that his youngest daughter had Shiga toxin, he changed his cooking approach dramatically. While she was able to survive and live a long and happy life, it all came down to adjusting her diet and refuelling herself with nutrients and bio-available superfoods. So, if there’s anyone who understands the impact of fuel on hair health, it is James. He will cover the significance of receiving the proper nutrients, how to “lunchify” dinners, and three simple ways to utilize organ meats for hair health at The Healthy Body, Healthy Hair Summit.

Speaker: Julie Olson, CN, BCHN, CFMP

Topic(s): Julie’s Alopecia Recovery Journey

Biography: Click here

Julie Olson is a functional nutritionist who studied the powerful effects of healthy food and lifestyle choices. In reality, the latter approach saved her mother, who had been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Naturally, Julie quit her senior media research analyst job after being ecstatic with the results. During this time, she began using what she had learned in her own life, overcoming alopecia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and gut imbalances, among other problems. Given that Julie is the host, Shivan Sarna will sit in on her presentation and ask why Julie believes this summit is essential, the truth about biotin supplements, and her peer-reviewed abstract on hair loss.

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Speaker: Felice Gersh, MD

Topic(s): The Direct Impact of PCOS on Hair Loss

Biography: Click here

Dr. Felice Gersh is an expert in obstetrics and gynecology. Down the line, she took up massage,

acupuncture, and Chinese medicine, completing her designation in holistic healing (or integrative medicine). One area that has been and continues to be close to her heart is PCOS. PCOS is considered the most common female endocrine disorder, bringing on female infertility across the globe, not to mention other symptoms such as acne, menstrual irregularity, obesity, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, and even heart disease.

Fortunately, the number of cases she’s seen firsthand led her to devise a breakthrough program to heal PCOS naturally. An expert on PCOS will discuss everything there is to know. In this case, Dr. Felice aims to showcase the link between hormones and hair and how to improve hair growth and prevent loss.

Speaker: Ameet Aggarwal, ND

Topic(s): Adrenals, Liver Function & More

Biography: Click here

Ameet Aggarwal is a naturopathic and functional medicine, homeopathy, trauma therapy and family constellations therapy expert who believes that to heal; individuals need to overcome anxiety, depression, burnout, childhood trauma, ancestral trauma, leaky gut syndrome, inflammation, liver toxicity, and adrenal fatigue to list a few.

As overwhelming as the latter might all sound, Ameet believes all it takes are five steps, no matter the condition. Ameet’s strategy for his talk entails getting honest with health problems and wrapping things up with a number of ways out. He will expound on the signs of poor liver, gut, and adrenal function and the importance of trauma-release exercises and homeopathic and nutrient remedies.

Speaker: Reef Karim, DO

Topic(s): Psychological Impacts of Hair Loss

Biography: Click here

Dr. Reef Karim is a double board-certified medical physician specializing in human behavior, neuroscience, creativity, and addiction. In his own words, he knows the opposite effects of the mind, whether the darkest of corners or its creative potential. Dr. Reef has been recognized for his lack of expressiveness for much of his life, which he decided he wanted to improve. This inspired him to learn how to communicate concepts, stories, and better solutions, leading him to create the Mad Genius program. So, how does psychology play a role in hair health? Dr. Reef encourages everyone to be upfront about hair loss and recognize the cost of psychology and the social stigma associated with isolation, depression, and other diseases.

Speaker: Misti Barnes, BA

Topic(s): Hair Complexities & Scalp Follicle Scarring

Biography: Click here

Misti Barnes’ experience with hair health was entirely coincidental. She is a trained medical micropigmentation artist and collagen restoration therapist, to begin with. Having worked under a cosmetic surgeon, she began developing her techniques to improve the results of micro-needling for patients with post-surgical scars and burns using peptides. Peptides not only improved skin health, but they also became a viable option for hair regrowth and induction. Given her hands-on knowledge, it stands to reason that people should learn about fibrosis, calcification, all-natural peptides and nutrients, micro-rolling medicines, and hair transplants from her.

Speaker: Betsy A. B. Greenleaf, DO, FACOOG (Dist.)

Topic(s): The Link Between Urogenital & Hair Health

Biography: Click here

Dr. Betsy A. B. Greenleaf has specialized in female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery for over 20 years. She also went on to found The Pelvic Floor Store, an online store dedicated to finding reliable products for pelvic health, a blog called, and a podcast called Some of Your Parts. Each of these resources has her holistic approach to healing in common, namely, introducing people to the body-mind-spirit approach. She plans to focus on this premise for The Healthy Body, Healthy Hair Summit, as she believes people will value learning about the gut, urogenital, skin, scalp, and hair follicle relationships. To add to the list, Dr. Betsy will drill into the effect of skin fungal, bladder infections, sex hormones, and cholesterol on hair loss.

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Speaker: Afrouz Demeri, ND, IFMCP

Topic(s): Hormones & Postpartum Hair Loss

Biography: Click here

Dr. Afrouz Demeri is a naturopathic doctor (practicing clinician) and former director of Functional Medicine at the University of California. Her approach to health combines Eastern traditional medicine and Western science, which she trusts will get to the root of all health problems. She aims to prove to everyone that seeing the world in a new light when they feel good is possible. Of course, to see things differently, individuals will need to understand the reasons for postpartum hair loss, lab testing available ranges and pre- and post-pregnancy supplements.

Speaker: Salena Rothenberger, DPSc, CFMP, CHC

Topic(s): Effect of Epigenetics & Nutrigenomics on Hair

Biography: Click here

Salena Rothenberger became a functional practitioner after going through four miscarriages and learning that her eldest child was diagnosed with a life-long autoimmune condition. Her goal of helping herself and her son led her to be vocal about the power of functional medicine to reverse the adverse effects of chronic illnesses and regain health. With this in mind, she hopes to drive home the significance of genetics, debunks circulating myths, and lay out the necessary steps people must take to boost their genetic potential.

Speaker: Udo Erasmus

Topic(s): Healthy Fats for Healthy Hair

Biography: Click here

Udo Erasmus’ passion and focus on the health industry flourished after discovering he was poisoned by pesticides in 1980. He obsessively studied scientific literature, which led to developing a method for making good oils. Why? He is convinced that healthy fats can heal most diseases just like he overcame poisoning. And so, he will be making his case in favor of healthy fats during The Healthy Body, Healthy Hair Summit. The main points Udo will address include the premise for essential fatty acids, four types of fats to avoid, and three healthy fats for hair growth and optimal health.

Speaker: Suzie Senk

Topic(s): Sleep & Hair Loss

Biography: Click here

Suzie Senk, a sleep, and wellness expert, international health educator and holistic wellness practitioner, feels that sleep is essential for physical, emotional, and social well-being. Using what she’s gathered on sleep and possible hindrances that might get in the way of quality sleep, Suzie insists this summit is the best place to bring awareness on several related topics. In other words, she wants people to sleep on everything there is to know about nutrient deficiencies and their impact on hair growth, why it is imperative to support healthy cortisol and melatonin levels, all while revealing the top three strategies for getting better sleep.

Speaker: James LaValle, RPh, CCN

Topic(s): Inflammation Load & Hair Loss

Biography: Click here

James B. LaValle assumes many roles, including that of a clinical pharmacist, a board-certified clinical nutritionist, an integrative and precision health educator, and an author. He is known explicitly for creating personalized integrative therapies that unmask the underlying metabolic issues known to prevent people from realizing their true potential. How can anyone overlook his proficiency in drug and nutrient depletion issues? Regarding hair health, James argues that undetected food issues induce inflammation forcing hair quality to fall short. Moreover, he favors comprehensive food allergen testing and wants everyone to pay close attention to oral tolerance.

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Speaker: Beverly Yates, ND

Topic(s): Blood Sugar Issues, Diabetes, & Hair Loss

Biography: Click here

Dr. Yates is a diabetes expert and author with over 27 years of experience working with people who’ve struggled with blood sugar issues related to type 2 diabetes and prediabetes. Her approach to healing supposedly entails addressing lifestyle factors instead of forcing people toward compromise. She also created the Yates Protocol, a lifestyle-based program reckoned to lower blood sugar levels, healthy A1c, and fasting levels, and boost energy levels.

To think that her current goals date back to times when she was training as an electrical engineer is interesting. All things aside, she is on track to help millions, and one way she feels she can reach this milestone is through education. During her segment in The Healthy Body, Healthy Hair Summit, she will demonstrate the implications of cortisol on insulin function and inflammation and the link between insulin, androgens, and hair follicle damage.

Speaker: Eva Detko, PhD, MSc, BA

Topic(s): The Vagus Nerve Function & Hair Regrowth

Biography: Click here

Dr. Eva Detko serves in physiology, biochemistry, nutrition, plant medicine, mind-transforming modalities, and energy medicine. To be more precise, she has been studying all forms of natural treatment and the human mind for 23 years, which has helped her overcome hindrances in her life. From her expansive tool kit of knowledge, Eva will take out everything she knows on the signs of poor vagus nerve function, chronic inflammation, stress, and trauma, all while accentuating the best method for healing the vagus nerve (hint: slow and steady wins the race).

Speaker: Kelly K. McCann, MD, MPH&TM, ABOIM, AFMCP

Topic(s): Mast Cell Activation & Hair Loss

Biography: Click here

Dr. Kelly K. McCann is a functional, integrative, and environmental medicine specialist who has assisted thousands of people on their wellness path. Whether it be medical mysteries, chronic illnesses, gastrointestinal issues, immune dysfunctions or hormonal concerns, Dr. Kelly has tackled them and put them in the past for her patients. Like the other speakers at The Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Summit, her approach is based on giving tailored treatment, which has taught her a lot. She will present what she knows about mast cell activation (MCAS) and its influence on hair loss, supplements for healthy hair, and a three-pronged approach to inhibiting MCAS at this summit.

Speaker: Kimberly Vaughn

Topic(s): The Body & Hair Growth from a Trichologist’s Perspective

Biography: Click here

Kimberly Vaughn is a hair replacement and hair loss coach, as well as a trained clinical trichologist. Her philosophy regarding hair health is that it can only be strengthened through scientific means, dedication, and a proper treatment plan. Given her 25 years of expertise studying hair and scalp, it was a natural progression for her to establish HPIHair Partners. This organization promotes a trichological, para-medical approach to hair health. For those who are curious about what Kimberly has in store for them, she will begin by debunking hair loss myths. Following that, she will take everyone through the many stages of the hair growth cycle before concluding by explaining the fundamental cause of hair follicle disorders.

Speaker: Margie Bissinger, PT, MS, CHC

Topic(s): Healthy Hair Means Healthy Bones

Biography: Click here

Margie Bissinger is a physical therapist and integrative health coach of 20 years. Her main focus is to help women suffering from osteoporosis, a difficult diagnosis that brings its risks and complications. Most patients with this condition are recommended to exercise. However, guidance on where exactly to start is often needed. Margie filled this void by compiling a book called, Osteoporosis: An Exercise Guide.

By now, people should have guessed that her talk would combine her experience in the realm of osteoporosis and the tips and tricks covered in her book. Mainly, she will discuss the causes and natural solutions for bone and hair health, healthy habits to stick by, and breaking down the link between osteoporosis drugs and hair loss.

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Speaker: Kasia Kines, DCN, MS, MA, CN, CSN

Topic(s): Hair Loss & Viral Infections

Biography: Click here

Dr. Kasia Kines is an international authority on functional nutrition, concentrating on clinical applications of evidence-based recovery protocols for chronic and acute Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) and gastrointestinal and autoimmune conditions. Her ongoing contribution to research and customized care must be appreciated. Therefore, it is safe to say that the expert will focus primarily on EBV, namely, its effect on hair loss, understanding lab testing, and resorting to a mind-body approach to overcoming EBV.

Speaker: Kim Norman

Topic(s): Hair Thinning, Menopause & Beyond

Biography: Click here

Dr. Kim Norma is a holistic doctor who spent 30 years helping women through perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause. Instead of telling women to stick to it and that such symptoms are typical, she provides tools essential for regaining control and beating them. Regarding the summit under question, Kim insists everyone should be mindful of three factors that affect hormones and hair health; menopause leave policies and techniques for rejuvenating the vagus nerve and pineal gland.

Speaker: Betty Murray, PhD (cand.), MS, CN, IFMCP

Topic(s): Hair Health in Women Over 40

Biography: Click here

Dr. Betty Murray is a certified nutritionist and functional medicine certified practitioner. Realizing the trauma people experience mentally, physically, and emotionally, this expert made it her mission to change the health of Americans. She sees that the aforesaid could only happen by combining functional medicine and biology systems-based approaches. In fact, she continues to vouch that this duo addresses both the symptoms and the underlying causes. Permanent relief is everything; what more could people ask for? And so Dr. Betty sees this summit as the best place to bring up estrogen’s impact on hair health, supplements worth considering, and understand sleep’s role.

Speaker: Kevin Ellis, CHC

Topic(s): Bone Health & Hair Thinning

Biography: Click here

Another perspective on the bone and hair health relationship comes from the only BoneCoach™, Kevin Ellis. Kevin is an integrative nutrition certified health coach and creator of the Stronger Bones Solutions™. He made it his mission to expound the seriousness of osteoporosis and bone loss while emphasizing bone strength and protecting oneself from the fear of fracture. Knowing the underlying factors of hair loss and osteoporosis, nutrient intake, and steps for regrowing hair are imperative in his viewpoint. Luckily, we’ll learn more about these areas through The Healthy Body, Healthy Hair Summit.

Speaker: Reed Davis, FDN-P, CMTA

Topic(s): Functional Lab Testing

Biography: Click here

Reed Davis is the founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN). He started this endeavor because he knows what it feels like to be diagnosed with chronic conditions and not understand where to start. FDN was established to lay the roadmap on actionable steps rather than having people undergo multiple trial and error sessions. Reed will introduce his arguments in terms of hair health by bringing in a case study for scalp hair loss, followed up with opportunities in functional medicine and the need to address stressors causing hair loss.

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Speaker: Carrie Lam, MD, DABFM, ABAARM, FAAMFM

Topic(s): Whole-Body Approach to Hair Loss

Biography: Click here

Dr. Carrie Lam is the co-founder and medical director of Lam Clinic. She is board-certified in family, anti-aging, and regenerative medicines. Her career focuses on primary care, available treatment, and clinical practice. In light of her expertise, we can expect several topics during her session. Specifically, she will walk everyone through the underlying causes of hair loss, the influence hormonal imbalance and adrenal fatigue have on hair, and why select nutrients and supplements that promote growth.

Speaker: Aimie Apigian, MD, MS, MPH

Topic(s): Stress, Trauma, Disease & Hair Loss Equation

Biography: Click here

Dr. Aimie Apigian is a medical expert on life experiences. No, she isn’t a life coach. Instead, she studies life experiences’ impact on the body and in what forms they are stored in it. Her purpose in life is to show everyone that the body can be cleansed of bad experiences/trauma. She is confident that evidence-based tools and approaches can accelerate the healing journey. How? By rewiring the nervous system so that the detrimental effects of stress and trauma are nipped in the bud. So naturally, she decided to spotlight the differences between anxiety, trauma, and PTSD, the need to break down a trauma response and recognize unresolved stored trauma.

Speaker: Wendy Myers, ND

Topic(s): Hair Damage Brought on by Toxic Heavy Metals

Biography: Click here

Wendy Myers is an expert in detoxification and minerals. For as long as she could recall, the goal has always been to educate the masses on the importance of long-term detoxing, especially seeing how toxic our world truly is. To our amazement, she resolved her health issues by conducting a hair mineral analysis. After reviewing her report, she produced a detox and supplement program; the rest was history.

Most of all, her father’s esophageal cancer led her down the health path. All-in-all, her talk will be based on her journey, with a deep dive into the effects of heavy metals, testing for heavy metals and mineral deficiencies, and considering five foods for detox and hair strength.

Speaker: Nicolas Pineault

Topic(s): EMFs & Hair Loss

Biography: Click here

Nicholas Pineault strongly credits Bluetooth-enabled devices or wearables, cell phone towers, or any wireless technology matter as being unsafe. The reason for this has to do with their emission of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation. People either say he’s wrong or side with him whenever he affirms that technology is unsafe. We expect a similar separation immediately after his talk at The Healthy Body, Healthy Hair Summit. What might cause this divide? It really comes down to how people react to the notion of electromagnetic pollution, their impact on hormone and hair health, and how to avoid EMF exposure.

Speaker: Rachel Varga, BScN, RN, CANS

Topic(s): Biohacking Hair Health

Biography: Click here

Dr. Rachel Varga is a double-board-certified aesthetic nursing specialist who combines the most recent research and innovation in skincare and rejuvenation with functional well-being. She has even implemented holistic-based programs to provide information beyond skin care. In what ways might her programs go beyond the skin’s surface? People will discover how to attract the personal and professional connections and partnerships of their dreams by using the skills they have learned (communication, etiquette, and confidence-building tactics). For hair health, Dr. Rachel will show how to identify misguided claims surrounding hair, a take on in-clinic procedures, and five critical strategies for healthier hair.

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Speaker: Evan Brand, CFMP, NTP

Topic(s): Gut & Hair Health

Biography: Click here

Evan Brand is a functional nutritional therapy practitioner and a board-certified holistic nutritionist. Through his clinic, he was able to help thousands of people identify and combat the underlying causes of exhaustion, melancholy, anxiety, digestive problems, and other disorders, just as he had done for himself. He amassed a significant following over time, with over 22 million downloads of his podcast and appearances on hundreds of others, including webinars, summits, and practitioner training events. Given the types of health issues he has helped treat, it stands to reason that his discussion will focus on digestive issues, imbalances, and their impact on hair health.

Speaker: Jenn Malecha, FDN-P

Topic(s): Root Causes of Hair Loss

Biography: Click here

Jenn Malecha considers herself a “Wholistic Health Boss,” but she supposedly wasn’t always health conscious. Although she grew up playing sports, she always struggled to run the mile or to complete PE tests. Unhealthy choices, whether nutrition or lifestyle, consumed her. Eventually, she saw the picture ahead and pursued health. When Jenn felt things were in order, she was diagnosed with skin cancer, which she beat. Ever since, she made it her mission to educate people on cellular damage, hormone imbalances, and gut dysfunction. The main facets of her journey that will be presented at this summit include the difference between conventional and functional lab testing, hair loss triggers, and the importance of getting the proper lab work done.

Speaker: Dave Gordon, MD, ABOIM, IFMCP

Topic(s): From Inflammation to Hair Growth & Everything in Between

Biography: Click here

Dave Gordon is a board-certified integrative and internal medicine practitioner behind the 4 Pillars Health & Wellness System. What are these so-called pillars? They are food, movement, relaxation, and community. Together, these factors will truly relieve people of the root causes of their illnesses and the stress they bring on. In terms of this summit, Dave will paint a picture of the anti-inflammatory properties of medical cannabis, the link between the endocannabinoid system and inflammation, and the difference between CBD and medical cannabis.

Speaker: Bridgit Danner, LAc, FDNP

Topic(s): Steps to Identifying & Addressing the Problem

Biography: Click here

Bridgit Danner is a licensed acupuncturist and a certified functional diagnostic practitioner. Her interest in natural health stemmed from her love of the environment. She donated a large portion of her allowance to Greenpeace as a child and contacted cosmetic companies to inquire about their procedures. Fast forward to her adulthood, she decided to take on a role as a health coach, namely in fertility, female hormone imbalances, and detoxification. Bridgit revealed her plans for her discussion, including distinguishing between uncommon and common mold exposure symptoms, the role mold plays in hair loss, and detox and supplement treatments.

Speaker: Susan Peirce

Topic(s): Weight & Hair Losses

Biography: Click here

Susan Peirce Thompson is a neuroscience and cognitive sciences professor. She is well-known for approaching weight loss from the standpoints of neuroscience and psychology. Her workshops are said to establish a clear blueprint for long-term weight loss while showing cutting-edge strategies that assist people in overcoming other elements of health and relationships. As much as people yearn for weight loss, they don’t realize the negatives it might bring.

Rapid weight loss, in particular, can cause nutritional deficiencies and hair loss. So, as someone who understands these symptoms and knows how to avoid them and food addiction dilemmas.

This summit is the perfect way to learn about the latest trends in health and wellness!

Speaker: Jaban Moore, DC

Topic(s): Bodily Imbalances, Intruders & Hair Health

Biography: Click here

Dr. Jaban Moore has seen vital health through a multi-therapeutic approach ever since his mother was diagnosed with diabetes. Although the ailment is widespread nowadays, the symptoms differ from person to person, and his mother struggled for over three years. With his professional and postdoctoral training in true cellular healing, chiropractic plus kinesiology (including applied and clinical), acupuncture, bio-resonance therapy, Sacro-occipital technique (SOT), nutrition, rehabilitation, functional medicine, and blood lab analysis, we can expect him to shed light on parasites, biofilm, toxins, Lyme disease, and detox methods.

Speaker: Eric Osansky, DC, CCN, IFMCP

Topic(s): Healthy Thyroid, Healthy Hair (Part 2)

Biography: Click here

Dr. Eric Osansky is a chiropractor, clinical nutritionist, and licensed functional medicine doctor who dedicated his career to assisting patients in resolving thyroid and autoimmune thyroid disorders. His experiences have also been translated into various books, all based on natural therapy methods. He is arguably the most extraordinary person to discuss everything there is to know about hypothyroidism, Graves’ illness, and hair remedies to counteract the effects of thyroid problems because he wears the crown to know the ins and outs of the thyroid gland.

Speaker: Tara Scott, MD

Topic(s): Hormones & Hair Health

Biography: Click here

Dr. Tara Scott is a hormone expert well-known for her work in identifying and treating acute hormone imbalance symptoms. She has 25 years of experience and is board certified in OB/GYN, functional, and integrative medicines. She means it when she says she understands how difficult it is to deal with hormone imbalances (such as endometriosis, breast cancer, weight gain, and others). Still, she wants everyone to know how equally tricky it will be to overcome. Dr. Tara’s agenda will cover the relationship between hormones and hair growth, estrogen’s influence on hair thinning, and the specific hormonal abnormalities associated with androgenetic alopecia.

Speaker: Kashif Khan

Topic(s): Welcoming Back Epigenetic

Biography: Click here

Kashif Khan is the CEO and founder of The DNA Company, which offers individualized medication based on insights into the human genome. His company’s purpose was to show everyone that chronic disease is avoidable. This will undoubtedly irritate folks. Kashif, on the other hand, wants a chance to make his case, which he intends to do by defining functional genomics, genetics, and epigenetics, as well as providing actionable insights into hair loss and how methylation influences hair follicle growth.

Speaker: Debra Atkinson, MS, CSCS

Topic(s): Exercise Hair Health

Biography: Click here

Debra Atkinson is a fitness specialist who has spent decades assisting women undergoing perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause. This age group of women is notorious for experiencing slowed metabolic function, which prevents them from improving their emotional, physical, and spiritual health. She promises that it doesn’t merely boil down to whether women follow a diet or exercise routine; it’s the opposite. She believes eating more and exercising less can promote hair growth, hormonal balance, and gut health. Most importantly, she will review the importance of strength training, rest, and choosing the ideal recovery time.

Secure your spot at the summit and learn from experts!

Speaker: Jeffrey Smith

Topic(s): Organic Food & Hair Health

Biography: Click here

Jeffrey Smith has been a renowned figure when it comes to the health dangers of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) for over 27 years. During this time, he published two bestsellers, directed five documentaries, delivered 2000 lectures and interviews in 45 countries and trained 1500 speakers. For someone devoted to sharing the truth about GMOs, it only makes sense for him to walk us through his thoughts on food choices and hair health. He wants everyone to see how damaging GMOs are to the hair and entire body, their link to death rates, and why switching to organic foods is the safest way out.

Speaker: Mihaela Gruita, PharmD

Topic(s): Drug-Induced Nutrient Deficiencies & Hair Loss

Biography: Click here

Dr. Mihaela Gruita, a clinical pharmacist, began questioning modern medicine when she realized how many drugs she had prescribed. Although some drugs were prescribed for various symptoms, others scratched the surface. Therefore, her goal is to help her pre-diabetic, diabetic, and patients with chronic diseases get to the root cause of their problems. To achieve this, she incorporated standard and advanced lab evaluations (including genetic testing), assessment of nutritional deficiencies, and educating people on alternative methods. As a speaker, Mihaela will underline the risk of ignoring the root cause of one’s health and the risk of nutrient depletion that comes with prescribed medications. Finally, she will weigh the pros and cons of natural supplements for hair loss.

Speaker: Peter Kan, DC, DACNB, FAAIM, CFMP

Topic(s): Hair Loss, Autoimmunity, Gut & Brain Health

Biography: Click here

Peter Kan is a board-certified chiropractic neurologist and an American Association of Integrative Medicine fellow. Dr. Peter Kan’s journey is also personal; he started with his father’s liver cancer diagnosis at 75. He researched natural methods when he was told his father had no hope of survival. Believe it or not, his father lived to see another five years; all it took was a combination of nutritional changes and natural therapies.

When it comes to hair health, Dr. Peter Kan people to understand the brain-immune-gut connection, the three stages of autoimmunity, and why a comprehensive approach is necessary for optimal wellness.

When is The Healthy Body, Healthy Hair Summit scheduled?

The Healthy Body, Healthy Hair Summit has been scheduled to be released between Monday, June 12, 2023, and Sunday, June 18, 2023. To register for the summit, individuals will need to enter their first name and email address by clicking here.

How much does The Healthy Body, Healthy Hair Summit cost?

The Healthy Body, Healthy Hair Summit is free to view as long as people watch each episode between June 12 and June 18. Any time after this period will necessitate the purchase of one of the following packages:

The Education Package (USD$69):

  • Event streaming/downloading through a HealthMeans account;
  • Access to online event transcripts;
  • Online access to purchase gifts;
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Action Package (USD$69):

  • Healthy Hair Fix Program;
  • Online access to purchase gifts;
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Education + Action Pack (USD$99):

  • Healthy Hair Fix program;
  • Event streaming/downloading through a HealthMeans account;
  • Access to online event transcripts;
  • Online access to purchase gifts;
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Healthy Hair Dix Program is a four-module program where people will learn the symptom and root cause(s) of hair loss, overlooked problems linked to gut function, the side effects of hormone imbalances, and how to transform stress. Below is a quick breakdown of each module:

  • Module 1: Steps of “A Whole New Approach”;
  • Module 2: Why gut health matters: The Hair-Gut Connection demystified;
  • Module 3: The Hair-Hormone Connection;
  • Module 4: Transforming stress for hair health.

A number of the speakers have chosen to provide their resources as a few gifts as a mark of thanks for purchasing. We’re specifically talking about the likes of:

  • Bonus #1. Nutrigenomic Hair Growth Manifesto eGuide by Salena Rothenberger;
  • Bonus #2. Adrenal Fatigue Starter Kit by Carrie Lam;
  • Bonus #3. The Holistic Science of Beauty eGuide by Rachel Varga;
  • Bonus #4. Gimme a Head with Hair with Dr. Sharon Stills eTranscript by Shivan Sarna;
  • Bonus #5. Mind Your P’s and Q’s eGuide by Kelly McCann;
  • Bonus #6. Mold & Mycotoxin Solutions eGuide by Evan Brand;
  • Bonus #7. How Do I Know if I Have Parasites eGuide by Jaban Moore, DC;
  • Bonus #8. 25% On the First Order of Pluck by James Barry;
  • Bonus #9. Top 26 Herbal Supplements You’re Not Taking by Jason Prall;
  • Bonus #10. Simple Tasty Recipes for Diabetes by Beverly Yates;

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, The Healthy Body, Healthy Hair Summit is a must-attend online event from June 12th – June 18th, 2023, where experts in alternative medicine share their journeys and different factors that trigger hair loss. After examining the roster of speakers, their backgrounds, and their motivation for attending the summit, it should be clear that there is more to hair loss than simply targeting hair follicles and the scalp. Each expert will contribute a distinct perspective that, when combined, will present the most comprehensive picture of hair loss, namely in terms of fundamental causes, symptoms, and practical solutions.

At least five to six speakers will be recorded on camera for seven days. As mentioned, anyone who misses a session within this window will only have access if a package has been purchased. Purchasing one of the three packages guarantees lifetime access and additional resources that expand on what was addressed during the summit in greater depth.

To find out more, The Healthy Body, Healthy Hair Summit and transform not just hair health but overall wellness, visit the official website by clicking here! >>>

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