The Homelander Theory That Would Have Saved The Plane In The Boys Season 1


While some aspects of this doomed drop-in-and-out rescue mission are reminiscent of those in Superman Returns, it’s clear that the leader of the seven can’t think nearly as fast as the Man of Steel. However, a few people who do are quick to chime in and suggest that Homelander’s superspeed could have been used to its full potential and not. editor u/Jamie_Pull_That_Up provided the strong point that the maniac in a cape could have applied some sort of “Iron Man 3” Air Force One action flow, saying, “If Homelander really wanted to, he could have saved the people on the plane by using his superspeed to blast the… sink people in the water.”

While it would have been worth taking notes from Marvel’s Knights in Shining Armor, u/RedDragon683 said that a Superman route would have been better. “Straightforward, The simplest solution would be for Homelander to pilot the plane to slide into the water,” they explained. “A lot of work.”

Both were good suggestions, but the most important factor brought to the discussion – and a point that kept coming up – was Homelander’s lack of commitment to his work.

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