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The Indo-Pacific Goals Of The Biden Government


The strategically vital Indo-Pacific region is the focus of the new government in the United States. As per the officials, to implement the American policies over the region, the quad nations should build the fundamental foundation. India, Japan, Australia, and the US itself form the important quad.

The US institute of peace is a Congress funded think tank that organized an event on Friday. In the event, Jake Sullivan, national security adviser, reported that the US is eager to build, carry forward and strengthen the quad nation grouping.

The Indo-Pacific Goals Of The Biden Government

Sullivan clarified for those who might not be aware of the quad nations that India, Australia, and Japan, together with the United States, are the squad nations mentioned by the former security adviser Robert O’Brien.

Sullivan said that the government is looking forward to strengthening the quad foundation that the government sees as an important mechanism to meet the American policies in the Indo-Pacific region.

The Indo-Pacific Goals Of The Biden Government

Since taking charge of the office, many policies and steps taken by the former Trump government are overturned. But the quad is in politically favored schemes that will be continued from the Trump’s era. Apart from the Indo-Pacific policy through the quad, the Abraham accord shall also be continued by the Biden Government. 

According to NSA Sullivan, the two policies are in different theatres. The Biden Government is taking initiatives to continue the policies and putting efforts to reinforce and carry forward the steps that were taken by the Trump administration.

Sullivan also said that the first accords with the UAE, Bahrain were announced under the political campaign’s heat. At that time, Biden was the presidential candidate. He, at that time, didn’t come forward to say anything good about the Accord. He never showed the bones to say that the accord is good or if it is a positive thing.

In the last few months, Biden has always said that he would like to carry forward these initiatives. He is willing to deepen the coordination among the countries that have signed the accord. He can also add more countries in the accord and try to make a real normalization that has already taken root through the accord.

According to Sullivan, President Biden sees the many positives in the accord that were highlighted by the former NSA O’Brien. The positive of security in that particular region, the positive for economic development in the region and obviously the positive for America’s political interest in the area, and many other reasons,  were mentioned by O’Brien.

The Biden Government is planning to work on the harvest of the political seeds sown through these accords. They are willing to harvest a good crop that has grown in full cooperation across multiple dimensions. The relationship moves forward in a positive way that can help the US advance its political interest. 

The quad was signed among the four nations (US, Australia, Japan, India) in 2017 to develop strategies to check the aggressive behavior of China in the politically vital Indo-Pacific region.

China’s engagement in hotly contested disputes over many territories and the militarising of its man-made islands in the past few years has led the nations to take this step.

With the claims of sovereignty over the entire South China sea, the dispute is engraved. Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, Brunei and The Philippines have denied such claims. Similarly, in East China, the disputes are heating with Japan. 

Though the US doesn’t claim the region’s disputed waters, the strategically vital Indo-Pacific region was deployed with fighter jets and warships to challenge China’s growing terrestrial claims. The US has favored the making of the quad for the same purpose. 



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