The Meadow Theory That Would Change Everything On The Sopranos


Fans on Reddit have theorized that Carmela was unfaithful to Tony, so Meadow may not be his biological daughter. In The Sopranos, Carmela develops feelings for several men, including Tony’s partner Furio Giunta (Federico Castelluccio) and interior designer Vic Musto (Joe Penny). Although Vic is the only one who kisses her, the question remains whether or not she was intimate with someone else years ago.

“I think it’s conceivable that Carmela had an affair in her past, which could explain her strong interest in Catholicism as a desire for redemption,” said u/mystery_tramp. This user argued that Meadow has darker traits than Tony and AJ, and also doesn’t have the anger, depression, and panic attacks that plague the Soprano family. However, this fan hypothesized that Tony could still have a daughter, and that’s Hunter. Given her prettier looks and destructive personality, not to mention her drastic move to med school — which is exactly what Tony Meadow wants to achieve — these could all be indications that Hunter is a more critical character than meets the eye.

While other fans appreciated the funny theory, they don’t imagine Carmela betraying Tony that way. “Carmela said at one point on the show that she had never dated any man other than Tony. I want to believe she wasn’t lying,” said u/gyang333. “It was so difficult for her when she realized she had feelings for Vic Musto and Furio.” Many other fans also agreed that it would seem out of character for Carmela.

Also, not every soprano struggles with her mental health. Though Tony’s sister Janice (Aida Turturro) is stricken by her abusive mother Livia (Nancy Marchand), his other sister Barbara Giglione (Nicole Burdette, Danielle Di Vecchio) escapes her insanity and lives a quiet life. But considering how complex and unexpected “The Sopranos” is, the theory is certainly not impossible.

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