The Naruto Kiss You Never Saw In The Dub


The third episode of “Naruto” is called “Sasuke and Sakura: Friends or Foes” and is the first episode in which fans will meet some of the other young characters who will later become important to the series’ narrative arc. This includes Sasuke Uchiha, the school’s best freshman and the sole survivor of his clan. He’s got girls drooling all over him – including Sakura Haruno, who’s just one of the female characters trying to get his attention.

Her awkward moment, played for laughs, comes as Naruto confronts Sasuke in the classroom. Jealous of the attention Sasuke is getting, Naruto jumps onto the desk to stare at his rival and find out why he’s so awesome. An electric shock shoots between the two’s eyes before a student in the seat in front of Naruto elbows him from behind. Sasuke and Naruto’s lips meet in an accidental kiss. Both Sasuke and Naruto seem disgusted by this turn of events (as are all the girls watching).

Comic Book Resources reports that this scene was cut from the Cartoon Network version, so many Americans didn’t see it for years. Eventually, it was uncensored and can be seen today on both Netflix and Crunchyroll, where “Naruto” has a home. It certainly changes the tenor of the first meeting between them – at least, as seen on TV, since they clearly already know each other.

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