The New Amsterdam Character That Has Gone Downhill According To Fans


The character in question is Dr. Iggy Frome (Tyler Labine), the director of psychiatry at Bellevue Hospital. A show inspired by a real-world doctor and hospital (via New York Post), “New Amsterdam” seeks to portray authentic patient experiences and issues. Unfortunately for Iggy, this means that audiences have come to expect more from the writers’ approach to these experiences. In a thread on the r/NewAmsterdamTV subreddit, fans called out Iggy for his unprofessionalism. Interestingly, these users have also criticized the series for its damaging portrayal of mental health care.

After praising the inclusion of the subject in the series, a Reddit user expressed concern about the character’s arc on the series. “You can tell he’s the face of the show’s attempt [to shed] Shedding light on mental health,” wrote u/wearyB. “I’ve never heard him say anything about mental health other than a brief mention of PTSD in an episode. [In] In all other scenes he just seems out of line, unprofessional in his ‘methods’ and even way out of his league.” Later, this user also wrote, “If [the writers] were unwilling to do research to actually look into mental health … they really shouldn’t have put a psychiatric ward on the show.

Other fans shared the opinion of this post. Similarly, u/sleepycatinarayofsun called the series’ portrayal of Iggy’s therapy as “completely inaccurate and… irresponsible,” while u/brutalistgarden (a mental health researcher) said: “[Iggy] comes through as a poorly written social worker.” Many users also felt that the show, even while addressing Iggy’s methods, ultimately encouraged them and made his character even more destructive. “He’s bloody terrible at his job,” wrote another user, later adding: “[the writers] need a psychological counselor to teach them what psychiatrists and therapists are supposed to do.”

Elsewhere on Reddit, several fans bemoaned Iggy’s behavior outdoors also the hospital.

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