The Number Of Deaths Crosses 600,000

The Number Of Deaths Crosses 600,000

It has been over a year since the coronavirus pandemic started across the globe. The world has been struggling to balance this chaos, especially in the United States of America. Unfortunately, a few months back, the situation in the United States of America was worse. A lot of people were getting infected on a daily basis and people were dying more than ever. One of the recent data shows that more than 600,000 lives have been lost due to the pandemic in the United States of America. This is one of the milestones that should not have been achieved by any of the countries. 

The Number Of Deaths Crosses 600,000

Although the situation is under control in the United States of America as the vaccine drive is going strong and the current Biden administration is doing its level best to promote the vaccination drive. It has been announced by the President himself on multiple occasions that almost 70% of the total American adult population would be vaccinated by the 4th of July.

The Number Of Deaths Crosses 600,000

But the death toll rising to more than half a million has added to the gloom of the nation. So many people dying because of a disease that was not properly controlled and taken care of has led to this. The United States of America has topped the charts in the total number of deaths due to the coronavirus pandemic. The ongoing vaccination has made an effect and it can be seen as the total number of cases being reported daily has gone down and the fatalities have also gone down. The number of deaths that has been recorded is greater than the population of Baltimore, as it was reported by the John Hopkins University. The death toll due to the virus has equaled that of the cancer deaths that were caused in the whole year of 2019.

People were already dying because of cancer, but now the coronavirus is adding to the death toll. These grave diseases have made us realise that if a disease goes out of control, it can cause irreparable damage to mankind. It will take a lot of time for us to come out of this trauma. As of Tuesday, the total number of deaths caused by the coronavirus pandemic was about 3.8 million. There are countries that are still struggling to control the pandemic. The different waves of variants have become a big problem, and this is why it is becoming difficult to control the pandemic at several locations. This milestone was achieved when both the big states of California and New York lifted the coronavirus restrictions completely. These big states have joined all the others that are slowly and gradually opening.

The reason behind so many deaths can be that during the initial days of the pandemic, strict measures were not taken, and restrictions were not levied upon the people. Later on that resulted in a massive outbreak that overwhelmed the health care system of the country. With the introduction of the vaccine, effects started to show, and the death toll decreased significantly from an all-time high of 3,400 to 340. The remarkable efforts of the largest vaccination drive in the United States of America has saved many lives. President Biden has exclaimed and acknowledged the milestone but he also said that now not many lives are being lost and it is not the right time to let our guard down. This is high time we get vaccinated and take all the necessary precautions that are needed.


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