The Ozark Season 4 Finale Scene Fans Think Is Criminally Underrated


In a recent thread on Reddit, fans of “Ozark” began discussing a part in the Season 4 finale that seems to be overlooked. User u/allistar34 explained that the car crash scene just before the beginning of the episode where Marty, Wendy, Charlotte (Sofia Hublitz) and Jonah (Skylar Gaertner) are all driving together is being copied by too many people.

In the scene, Marty becomes distracted and has to dodge a semi truck, causing him to lose control and run over her minivan multiple times. Miraculously, the family escaped unharmed apart from minor injuries. According to u/allistar34, the crash brought the Byrdes back a sense of perspective – no matter what disagreements or struggles they face in their lives, they are now well aware that it could all end in an instant. It made them closer as a family and could also have strengthened Marty’s position in not doing anything about Ruth since he could lose his children in something like a car accident just as easily as he could lose them to Camila (Verónica Falcón).

Users u/okJswish and u/BachGirl agreed that Ruth made her bed by taking risks, which ultimately resulted in her death while Marty chose to interfere or not. Redditor u/windmerge added that the car crash scene is a beautiful example of the Byrdes remembering what’s really important in their lives – family.

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