The Ozark Spin-Offs That Fans Want To See The Most


@TweetNeeks got the ball rolling by suggesting that “every character in Ozark deserves a spinoff show. I want 32-year-old Buddy in Detroit on the Irish timeline. I want 23 year old Jonah paying MIT tuition with white collar crime. i want wendy [Laura Linney] run a presidential election [campaign] in s7 House of Cards. I want an article from the 1800’s about the ancestors of the Snells.” Commenters on a thread on r/Ozark, citing her tweet, enthusiastically supported the suggestions. u/KellyO__ thought that “Wendy is going to be such a good watch on any politically themed show,” and u/alaskagames wished they could see the story as Jacob and Darlene Snell (Peter Mullan and Lisa Emery) with heroin in made contact and how they did so while flying under law enforcement’s radar.

Other commenters added suggestions of their own. u/39thUsernameAttempt inquired about the possibility of a “Prohibition-era series about the prestigious and powerful Langmore dynasty,” and u/zombiereign commented that the “Langmores and Snells have probably been at odds for a long time.” In a separate thread, u/DosBurritos asked for “a spinoff about how Navarro built the cartel and rose to the top.” Commenter u/sullender123 wanted a series based on the post-Ozark life of Three Langmore (Carson Holmes) and u/sliver013 said they would be interested in seeing a series starring Rachel Garrison (Jordana Spiro) stands.

Maybe Rachel and Three could team up to avenge Ruth’s murder on a show called Rachel and Three: Out For Blood or Eye for an Eye, but regardless of whether we see any of the Ozark characters again, we will the fans apparently do not have a shortage of spin-off proposals.

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