The Sandbox” -Metaverse Agency Pangu Kundigut Exclusive NFT-Verofentlichung von “Pangu Ecoland” für Den 14. Juni A


Hong Kong, June 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Asia’s leading metaverse development solution provider and The Sandbox’s officially managed “Metaverse Agency,” PANGU by Kenal (“PANGU”), announced that on June 14, the “NANGU” will launch on the market will come. NFT fans can browse 30 high-quality assets from the PANGU ECOLAND experience that will be available exclusively on The Sandbox.

Pangu and More Reachweete

Pangu is not only the Official Metaverse Agency of the Sandbox, but also offers Metaverse Tailored Strategies Planning, Business Development and Marketing Solutions, NFT and Commerce, Games and Social Experiences. The range of the company is primarily in the areas of ecological night, social commitment, education, NGOs and charity, namely in the form of themes Interekten and the establishment of Wealth Defense.

Exclusive NFT release from PANGU ECOLAND

The recent announcement of the release of the Pangu Ecoland-nft Neupaft entails the company’s belief in ecological sustainability and its eco-conscious co-land in the Sandbox Metaverse. The pangu ecoland will release its first one next June 14th. The 30 high vertijn assets of the Pangu Ecoland experience Verden excluding the sandbox available scene.

PANGU will also be announcing more NFTs and another upcoming expansion of the PANGU ECOLAND experience for NFT collectors to look forward to.

About Pangu and Kenal Group

Kanle is the Web3.0/Metaverse agency route of Pangu’s Kennel Group, a multifaceted creative agency that has been providing comprehensive marketing solutions since 2008.

Canal is born in Business and offers a complete solution for Web3.0 – and is paralyzed by the Metaverse platform. Pangu refers to the “Metaverse Sandbox Gaming Agency” and “the Metaverse Sandbox Gaming Agency”. S. Provides services of planning, creating and creating Unique Experiences and Digitizer Assets for our customers.

Further information can be found on the website of the Unternheimen:

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