The Scene In The Witcher Season 2 That Tipped Fans To Dermain’s Fate


From the moment he first appears on screen, things are not looking good for Dermain. Unlike his elven brothers, Dermain has high hopes for the future. He believes things are getting better for her people because Francesca (Mecia Simson) fathered an elf child. His optimism is a dead sign of his ultimate destiny, which many fans on Reddit felt was obvious.

“The moment Dermain opened his mouth and shared his hopeful dream, I knew he was going to die. My podcast host said she knew he was going to die just for being too nice,” wrote u/MindyTheStoryTinker. A host of The StoryTinker podcast, Mindy Schaper, and her co-hosts agreed on this point in a video about the episode. This intended turn was so obvious to many that some fans would have preferred it if he hadn’t died at all.

“I would have been more shocked if he hadn’t died. He basically had a ticking clock over his head from the moment he appeared on screen,” posted u/Ridcullys-Pointy-Hat. Fans also noted additional clues surrounding Dermain’s death. “When the slithering monster was revealed, I knew it was going to die,” u/Alternative_Web6640 pointed out. Tropes are a given in any medium, but fans felt this scene took it too far. The slithering monster, heavily hinted at at the beginning of the sequence, is basically causing someone to die – and who better than the poor soul who actually has hope for the future?

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