The Subtle Kim Detail In Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 5 That Has Fans Buzzing


During a scene in “Black And Blue,” Kim is awake at around 3 a.m. and worries that Lalo is still alive. In the previous episode, Kim learned from Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) that the attempted punch at him failed. This terrifying thought not only costs her a night’s rest, but also prompts her to block her door with furniture in case Lalo unexpectedly knocks. The scene might foreshadow even more turbulent things to come for her and Jimmy, but it’s a take on Kim’s digital watch that fans couldn’t help but notice. The time shows a bright red “3:17”. However, fans on Twitter and Reddit pointed out that when read from a different angle, the respective tense also looks like the word “lie.”

As some fans noted on Reddit, the shot in the clock suggests that the main point is Kim not telling Jimmy that Lalo is still alive, despite the possibility of it. Fans couldn’t help but excitedly praise the potential symbolic shot. u/Corg505 wrote: “Digital alarm clock but that was an even more fantastic foreshadowing from the authors.” And on Twitter @smimik11 believes the shot was no accident as they wrote: “Everything is on purpose!!!” As the season goes on we will have to wait for the official word if the time shot was really made on purpose. But it wouldn’t be far-fetched if that were the case, because “Better Call Saul” is packed with so many little details that only the most hardcore fans will likely notice.

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