The Top Trends in Custom Marquees for Event Planners: What’s Hot in 2023?

Ladies, gents, and event planners of all degrees, gather around! 2023 has been the year of innovation, and marquees are at the heart of it. Gone are the days when a gazebo was just about giving shade. Today, it’s about making statements, creating experiences, and, of course, giving shade. Without further ado, let’s unpack the hottest trends for custom marquees this year that make your events pop, sizzle, and dazzle.

The Top Trends in Custom Marquees for Event Planners

Personalised, Not Just Customised

Sure, custom marquees have been around, but 2023 is taking it to the next level. We’re talking hyper-personalised gazebos where every element reflects the brand. QR code on a beam that shares your brand story? Done. A shade of blue that’s just so because it’s your corporate colour? Absolutely.

The Big, the Bold, and the Branded

This year, branding has taken centre stage. It’s not just about slapping a logo and calling it a day. Think larger-than-life motifs, full-panel artwork, and even 3D elements popping out of your branded gazebo. The more immersive, the better.

Futuristic is Fabulous: The AR & VR Integration

Welcome to the future, where your branded gazebo is not just a physical entity. AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) are seamlessly integrating into the world of portable gazebos. Attendees can now wear AR glasses and interact with virtual elements floating around the marquee.

Light it Up: LED Integrated Marquees

Darkness, begone! In 2023, it’s all about marquees that don’t just block the sun but also shine bright. Integrated LED systems in printed marquees are catching the eyes of event planners everywhere. From subtle ambient lighting to sync-to-the-beat disco flashes, these printed marquees turn night-time events into lit affairs.

Tech It Out: Smart Gazebos

Imagine a gazebo that adjusts its shade according to the sun’s movement or has built-in speakers. The world of portable gazebos has become tech-savvy, catering to the digital natives. QR codes for instant feedback, touch-sensitive panels for interactive displays, and even Wi-Fi-enabled hubs – marquees are no longer just about shade.

Transparent Tents: Let the Outside In

More event planners are opting for marquees that are transparent or semi-transparent. Perfect for outdoor events where the environment is as much a part of the event as the marquee itself. Starlit dinners or sunny brunches, nature is your co-host with these gazebos.

Bigger, Better, More Breathtaking Inflatable Tents

If you thought inflatable tents were the goofy cousins in the marquee family, think again! These air-filled wonders are taking the event world by storm. Now, they’re not just big; they’re colossal. Easy to set up, inflatable tents offer a playful yet professional appeal. And, given their nature, they can morph into almost any shape – perfect for brands looking to stand out. And they come with internal systems that maintain perfect pressure, ensuring they don’t go limp midway through an event.

The Return of Vintage: Retro-Styled Gazebos

Everything old is new again. Custom marquees with vintage touches are making a grand comeback – be it the design, colours, or prints. Imagine a portable gazebo with Art Deco prints or Victorian-inspired lace edges; it’s nostalgia with a modern twist.

Mind the Floor: Interactive & Sustainable Groundings

Custom printed floors with brand mottos, abstract designs, or even a faux grassy patch make attendees look down and get amazed. Today, the gazebo floors are interactive – responding to footsteps or changing designs as people move over them. And yes, they’re sustainable, made from recycled materials or designed for reuse across multiple events.

Trendy Themes for Gazebos

From the latest Netflix hit series to the top tunes on the charts, pop culture-themed gazebos are all the rage. They offer a fun, instant connection with attendees, especially the younger crowd. Just be sure to get all the necessary permissions to avoid copyright clashes!

The Ultra-minimalist Movement: Less is More

On the flip side of the pop culture explosion, ultra-minimalist gazebos are making a mark. Think monochromatic colour schemes, sleek designs, and a focus on function over form. This trend is a perfect match for brands that prefer sophistication and subtlety.

Go Green or Go Home: Eco-friendly Marquees

In 2023, event planners are overwhelmed by custom marquees made from recycled and sustainable materials. Not only are they doing their bit for the environment, but these marquees also offer a unique texture and look that screams “eco-chic.” If your branded gazebo isn’t eco-conscious this year, you’re missing out on a trend train worth boarding.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it – a whistle-stop tour of what’s making waves in the custom marquee scene in 2023. Custom marquees have transformed from mere functional shelters to interactive, brand-enhancing experiences. So, whether you’re an event planner or a brand looking to make a mark, these trends are your guide to being the talk of the town.

Remember, while trends offer direction, how you adapt and incorporate them to match your brand and audience is what truly counts. So, go on, pick a trend (or five) and make your next event not just memorable but marquee-magical!

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