The Transformation Of Thomas Gibson From Childhood To ‘Criminal Minds’


In Thomas Gibson’s most popular roles, he became involved on one side or the other of law enforcement. On his late ’90s sitcom Dharma & Greg, Gibson played a strictly professional attorney, and of course Gibson’s character on Criminal Minds was more concerned with catching criminals than conducting their trials, but Agent Hotchner was an attorney, for a long time before he went to the BAU. Oddly enough, Gibson may have mimicked some of his family members with his acting choices.

Gibson is the youngest of four children; His mother, Beth, was a social worker, while his father, Charles, worked as a lawyer and legislator. In an interview with In Style, Gibson explained that one of his uncles and cousin were also lawyers, and that clearly had an impact on Thomas and his siblings. One of his brothers later became a lawyer, and for his role in the family business, Gibson quipped, “Me, I’m in television law.” As the only actor in the family, Gibson may be an outlier, but perhaps his career path will start a new family tradition.

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