The U.S.A Delivers Yet Another Empty Promise To Ban Menthol-Flavored Tobacco

The U.S.A Delivers Yet Another Empty Promise To Ban Menthol-Flavored Tobacco

Marketing and research have developed very substantially up to the extent that harmful substances such as tobacco which were once upon a time only used by adults are now being introduced to teenagers and children in various “Kid-Friendly Flavours”.

The U.S.A Delivers Yet Another Empty Promise To Ban Menthol-Flavored Tobacco

When various social organisations, medical research centres, Doctors and social workers are slogging day and night providing services and research to divert existing smokers and addicts from the habit from one end, here tobacco companies are introducing their products to the younger generation appealing to their psychology and interests, creating a new generation of smokers.

The U.S.A Delivers Yet Another Empty Promise To Ban Menthol-Flavored Tobacco

Having a habit of smoking from childhood and teenage causes substantial health issues among youngsters, which includes a surge in large number and harshness of respiratory concerns, decreased fitness and possible effects on growth of lung.

Each day, about 2,500 minor children under the age of 18 try their very first cigarette. More than 400 of them turn into new daily smokers, out of which half meet their demise from their regular habit. Usage of menthol cigarettes is more common among younger and newer teenage smokers.

This is due to the wrong perception of young smokers that menthol cigarettes are less harsh and easier to smoke. They remain oblivious to the fact that menthol cigarettes are, Afterall normal cigarettes with an added flavour which will cause all the cardiovascular and lung problems as same as an ordinary cigarette.

Food and Drug Administration has yet again given their word to ban menthol and other fruity flavored cigarettes, especially due to added pressure faced due to its rising popularity among teenagers in the black communities. They had already put forward a notion and try to get the ban passed but couldn’t due to backlash from Major Tobacco industries, Congress members and clashing political interests in both the Obama and Trump administrations.

Any kind of ban imposed on menthol will attract legal problems from the tobacco industries, and it will take decades for the implementation of the bill.

The resulting promise was due to a legal charge filed by the social organizations the previous summer to compel the FDA to make a final decision on menthol, asserting that officials had “procrastinated” in responding to a 2013 petition in the quest for banning the flavor.

The agency provided the deadline for a response as “Thursday” and stressed that this ban if passed through, would only apply to the tobacco companies but not individuals. If this ban was to go through, it would lead to a ban of all fruit flavors in small, cheap cigarettes, which is becoming widespread among teenagers, especially in the black community.

This would deal a huge blow to all the major tobacco industries such as Altria, Newport and Kool. These companies have spent a lot of capital in promoting their products by gas station promotions in black localities after the 1990 ban on advertisements via banners, posters, hoarding and most music events.

However, this would also result in the redemption of a huge number of lives and prevent future generations from becoming addicts to such products, out of which the majority happen to be African Americans. Let us wait and see what happens next.


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