The Untold Truth Of There Will Be Blood


One of the key characters in There Will Be Blood comes from young non-actor Dillon Freasier, who plays HW, Daniel Plainview’s adopted son. Freasier gives such an exemplary performance that you’d think you were witnessing the arrival of a great new child star. In fact, There Will Be Blood remains his only on-screen credit.

To be fair, this is a debut that would be hard to beat. Even Paul Thomas Anderson was overcome by Freasier’s self-control. In a Pinewood Dialogue, he said the 9-year-old Freasier would immediately recognize the meaning of his scenes, even those that the adults thought needed explaining to him. “[It’s] just a natural gift he has – not really as an actor, but as a person I think. He’s a young man. He’s an old man trapped in a young man’s body.” He was also impossible to intimidate, so he wasn’t afraid to take the lead and make suggestions about his own role — suggestions Anderson made often.

Additionally, he was just an asset to the set as everyone responded to his no-nonsense, no-nonsense approach. Daniel Day-Lewis adored him — “I felt so protective of this wonderful young man, to the point he almost knocked me off like I was a nuisance gnat or something,” he told Chicago Movie Magazine — and he was it. t the only one. In his Pinewood Dialogue with Day-Lewis, Anderson said, “The days when [Freasier] wasn’t there, there was a gaping hole.”

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