The Witty Chicago P.D. Character Fans Think Is Criminally Underrated


as 21St District’s sarcastic, unflappable desk sergeant Trudy Platt and veteran actress Amy Morton create a brilliantly drawn personality that some fans feel has been seriously overlooked. In fact, in a discussion on the show’s sub-Reddit titled “Can we have more Trudy/Severide crossovers please?” Begin the thread’s heartfelt praise on Platt’s character. Joining the chorus of approval was user u/oldladymindset, who simply said, “Trudy (and her wit) is terribly underrated.”

The desire for the show to explore more of Morton’s character is reinforced by viewer comments responding to a clip show on TheSimpleThings YouTube channel titled “The Very Best of Sgt. Trudy Platt.” Commenting on the Platt clips, the poster BrownSkin Girl declared, “I need to see more of her on CPD, she’s brilliant.” Commentator Lee Dog felt the same way, adding that the cynical desk-sarge should have a show of her own, and said, “You could spin Trudy at the desk all the time, and I’d watch it.”

So while all Chicago PD characters, big and small, may have their devoted followings, the adorably scathing Trudy Platt seems to be one cop that fans feel definitely underestimated and too in previous installments of the long-running series was little used.

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