This 19-year-old college student mins $887 worth of cryptocurrency every month – how he built his calculator and what coins he bets


Mark Setlock

Mark Setlock helped his friend assemble a GPU miner and took it into his own hands. mark setlock

Together with a friend, Mark Setlock assembled an Ethereum miner in his student apartment.

After his friend left, he took over the machine and continued to upgrade it to maximize profits.

Today he also works in altcoin mining and mines helium and planetary tokens from his apartment. He told us how he assembled his computer and that he is long-term betting on the cryptocurrency Bitcoin to pay for his mining earnings.

Mark Setlock first heard about cryptocurrency from his cousin in 2016 when he was 14 years old. “My cousin started a business back then and got the opportunity to buy his stuff cheaper than paying for it with bitcoin,” says Setlock. Her cousin didn’t know what cryptocurrency was at the time – but wanted to take advantage of the discount because she was buying their products in bulk.

It wasn’t until 2020, when his friend asked him to help him set up an Ethereum miner, that he really got interested in cryptocurrencies. Setlock was an undergraduate at the University of Michigan at the time, and the two friends built the machine together in a dorm. Ether (ETH) mining, like various other cryptocurrencies, supports the Ethereum blockchain by processing transactions and generating blocks. In exchange for supporting the network, miners, i.e. the coins they mine, receive a reward in the form of Ether. A withdrawal can be profitable when the profits exceed the costs of hardware and electricity.



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