Tips To Protect Your Skin From Sunburn

Tips To Protect Your Skin From Sunburn

With a rise in the number of heatwaves across the globe, sunburn has been devastating when it would have a serious health impact on humanity. It’s essential to protect your skin from further damage since global warming has been a long-term problem that remains unsolved. Reports suggest that the temperatures are rising and the expectancy of heatwaves are to triple up by 2050. Let us discuss a few tips that one needs to focus on, to self-care, when the whole world is busy with their countries economic downfall caused by a pandemic dilemma. Governments have to be concerned about the welfare of their people and preserve their natural vegetation if positive results are to be achieved. Skin Cancer has been on the rise and let’s check out some of the health tips suggested by  Ida Orengo, a professor from the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.

Tips To Protect Your Skin From Sunburn

Below are the tips you can follow to keep your skin protected from exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

Tips To Protect Your Skin From Sunburn

Tip 1 – Have your skin applied with a sunscreen lotion with SPF 30+. Keep applying the cream after every 2 hours regularly, as long as you are exposed and sun-kissed. If you are cautious about any skin damage caused by chemicals in the sunscreen, it would be ideal to apply a naturally made sunscreen made from titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. You can also choose to apply moisturizers with more SPF or Klenskin body wash with sunscreen effect. If you have a better product in mind to choose from, you can apply that if it’s safe and works effectively to shield your skin from further radiation.

Tip 2- You have to know when you need to avoid the sun every day. If you are exposed to the sun at a time between 10 am and 4 pm, it would be recommended to use clothes that cover your whole body. You can also use a sunscreen lotion or stay in a place that has enough shade. Try to find out a spot near a beach umbrella or carry one. There are protective fabrics that are capable of blocking the sun. You can also choose a detergent that provides a sun guard to your clothes and skin. It would be a better idea if you could leave a jacket or shirt that protects you from direct sunlight, especially the skin. So, when you think of a sudden plan, think about a full sleeve sun protective jacket that you can wear when the temperature is high.

Tip 3- You have to protect your head and feet like you protect your hands and face. A brimmed hat would be perfect to tackle exposure to scorching hot rays that fall on your body. This will provide some shade to your face, neck, and head, and carrying a sunglass with UV protection would be exceptional. You can wear a pair of shoes, awfully covered sandals, or apply the scree guard solution on your feet to avoid the risk of sunburn.

Tip 4-  There are many health supplements available in the market that can protect you from the dangers of ultraviolet rays from the sun. Taking the right vitamin dose will keep you safe from the sun’s rays. It’s recommended to take vitamin B3 with nicotinamide. Take 500mg tablets twice a day. You need to be consulting a physician first before you use the supplement. Doctor Orengo also said that “ studies have already proved that nicotinamide can be taken to protect oneself from the dangers of skin cancers. It reduces the risk of skin problems by up to 30%.


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