TMNG These new blockchain assets protect against inflation


TMNG brings Rare Earth to the blockchain. The project contributes to inflation protection with an asset class that has so far been withheld from crypto investors: strategic metals. It has probably never been more important than it is today.

record high inflation

At the end of May, the Federal Statistical Office reported inflation of 7.9 percent compared to May of the previous year. The inflation rate has just passed the 8 percent hurdle and eaten the savings of the Germans through the cushion. Whether in the supermarket or at the gas station: the consequences of the war from the Russian invasion can be felt everywhere.

It is particularly hard on people who have money in their bank accounts. You can see your money depreciating. Lower interest rates and penalty interest do the rest for a larger liquidity cushion. So it’s time to look for safer asset classes.

While many investors are now turning to bitcoin and stocks as an inflation hedge, one area is often left out: rare earth and technology metals, also known as “specialty metals”. These metals are defined as being of strategic importance because of their use or purpose. They are indispensable in various branches of industry and are particularly difficult to obtain in large quantities.

An example of this are permanent magnets in electric cars, smartphones and wind turbines. All of these are growth areas in which an increased demand for rare earth metals can be assumed. Other special metals are germanium, indium, gallium, neodymium, tantalum, bismuth and 23 other metals without which high technology would be unthinkable.

Even in times of economic crisis, they retain their value and thus offer the best protection against inflation.

In short, there is high demand for rare earth and technology metals despite being scarce resources. Prices are rising, but investing is often difficult.

The main reason for this is that they are not traded on commodity exchanges. Therefore, they are difficult to access for investors. The blockchain project TMNG wants to change that.

What is TMNG?

Because TMN Global is a company that aims to redefine the management of digital assets. The platform goes beyond the pure crypto market. With rare earth metals and technology metals, but also precious metal tokenization, she wants to make this special growth market accessible to crypto investors. As such, TMNG forms an important bridge between the crypto sector and the investment metals market.

The underlying assets are securely held at the locations in Frankfurt am Main and Triesen (Liechtenstein). TMN Global is fully supported by EMH AG, the European leader in the metals industry. It brings together the resources, expertise and global reach needed to make TMNG a successful venture – for institutional, professional and private investors.

In the center: TMNG token

TMNG is a standalone crypto platform offering the Ethereum-based token TMNG. Only renowned properties can be traded. The offer is limited to 500,000,000 pieces and, in addition to its usefulness, is also interesting for investors.

The burn-back mechanism ensures a dwindling supply, which should have a positive effect on the price when demand increases. It is worth participating in the current token sale: the team has come up with a recommendation system that brings discounts.

But that’s not all. In the future, the company plans to issue a stablecoin backed by strategic assets.

Big support from the crypto sector

TMNG has already found a lot of support in the blockchain scene. As an ambassador for the company project Darien T. alias “MontenDev”. He has set up a YouTube channel for his 42,500 subscribers so far, where he provides information about crypto and provides advice and support. He is fascinated by the project and drives the vision forward.

If you don’t want to miss the chance to grab TMNG tokens, you can sign up for the token sale here.

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