Top 11 Ways to Completely Revamp Men’s Health

Most men are less concerned about their health, leading to several health issues that hamper physical and sexual health. Sexual and physical health issues are most common in the first generation for some reasons. In this article, we will discuss possible topics associated with male health and mention the best 11 ways to revamp your male health completely.

Threats to male health:

Threats that men commonly face are:

Coronary Heart disease: According to Medical Research, most males are more prone to heart disease than females. The most common heart disease observed in men is coronary heart disease. Around 8.8 million men suffer from coronary heart disease, and about 5.5 million have already died from it. Coronary heart disease can affect them at any age. In coronary heart disease, arteries become hardened and narrow due to the built plaque, and the blood supply in the body interrupts. It increases the blood flow as well as the heart rate, which leads to a heart attack.

Diabetes: According to Centres for Disease Control and Prevention research, men are more likely to receive a diagnosis of diabetes than women. Diabetes mellitus is nothing but a group of metabolic disorders that results in chronic high blood sugar in men. Most men have a type of diabetes because of their fat bellies. According to statistics, around 463 million people have diabetes; males are on the frontline among those people.

Kidney failure: Kidney disease may be more common in women than men, but unfortunately, chances of Kidney failure are higher in men with methanogen. If men and women are diagnosed with chronic kidney disease or CKD, then it has been seen that men patients are more likely to reach kidney failure sooner than female patients. In Chronic kidney disease, the kidney cannot filter waste and access fluid from the body through urine. This disease is a kind of lethal as the levels of fluid electrolytes and weights build up in our body gradually. It is common that among 12 male kidney patients, three men will suffer from kidney failure and die.

Lung cancer: This comes under the most common cancer that occurs in men. The survival rate for males is 18% with lung cancer, while the survival rate for women is 26%. The smoking patterns of men lead to lung cancer. It is a ferocious form of Cancer that spray rapidly, and the survival chances always remain low. People cannot live for more than five years if lung cancer is late diagnosed. Most men smoke at least 3 to 4 cigarettes daily; some are chain-smokers who smoke without a break. The hydrocarbons are released because the burning of tobacco directly affects the lung more than the hydrocarbons produced due to pollution.

Prostate cancer: Another health issue most men face is prostate cancer. Lung cancer comes under the most common form of cancer in men and is the fourth most common cancer overall. Around 1.5 million new cases of prostate cancer were there in 2021. This cancer grows in the prostate gland, a small walnut-size gland associated with the male reproductive system. It produces semen fluid that transports sperms. Hormonal injections full of testosterone can lead to prostate cancer.

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Liver cancer: Cirrhosis of liver or liver cancer can occur due to long-term hepatitis B and Hepatitis C infections. But as most men are alcoholics, the chance of liver cancer in men is higher. The liver is our largest digestive gland and protects our body from several chemicals we take in the form of food and medicines; this is why alcohol directly affects the liver and starts destroying the liver cells. Liver cancer spreads too fast as only 20% of cells of healthy liver work normally. Liver cancer destroys these working sales rapidly, which is why the survival chances from this cancer are very low. Furthermore, patients with liver cancer suffer from severe pain and cannot leave more than six months after the diagnosis.

Premature ejaculation: It is the condition that occurs when a man ejaculates sooner during sexual intercourse than his partner’s expectation. It is not harmful, but other health problems may contribute to the development of premature ejaculations. Health problems like erectile dysfunction is one of the leading causes of premature ejaculation in this condition. Man cannot maintain a firm erection for intercourse. These health issues can interrupt the balance of your happy sexual life. Sexual pleasure with high energy is what everyone desires in life! If this balance breaks, it can cause mental stress or depression in men.

Anxiety: Most men do not share their problems with anyone and become more anxious due to excessive pressure. To reduce the anxiety, they turn into alcoholics and smokers. Gradually they turn into depressed and suicidal souls. One can conclude that extreme stress makes men suffer from high blood pressure. Excessive anxiety leads to uncontrollable anger among men, ruining their peace at work and personal lives.

Dementia: In this health issue, people cannot sleep properly. People with dementia cannot sleep and spend most of their nights without sleep. As nicotine in cigarettes always excites the nerve, those who smoke too much remain excited and cannot sleep. Gradually the sleeping time reduces, and dementia hazard starts. So, people who smoke too much mostly have dementia.

Sexual disease: It may sound offensive, but most men are involved in wild sexual life more than women. That is why most of them are more prone to STDs or sexually transmitted diseases than women. The most common sexually transmitted diseases in males are AIDS, Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, and Genital herpes. AIDS is a highly lethal sexually transmitted disease as there is no treatment for this, but other transmitted diseases can be deadly if diagnosed lately or after late treatment. According to research, it is usual that having random sexual partners or being involved in anal sex for sexual pleasure, men suffers from sexually transmitted diseases.

Factors can affect male health:

The following factors affect male health badly.

Mental stress: Men do not cry; it is a common phenomenon that society puts in a men’s head from the very first day. Men hide their emotional crises, problems, pain, and heartbreak. If they show their emotions and pain in front of someone, they come under the weak category as per the set category of society. Due to too many such issues, they feel too much stress which gradually affects their physical health. They also get mentally weak and feel tired of fighting with their problems. As a result, they either turn into alcoholics, hampering their personal and professional life, or get depressed. The result is suicide!

Responsibility issues: According to society, men take responsibility for the family and are responsible for financial status. That is why a man always feels pressure to maintain all his commitment to his family. Men forget about their own choices and passion while busy with responsibility. It is not good to live without desire. When a man cannot fulfill his family’s requirements, he feels guilty and is often accused by society. To avoid society, they become introverts, worsening their condition. Immense pressure on the brain and heart leads them toward cerebral attack or heart attack.

Too much-drinking alcohol: Most men are alcoholics and are addicted to drinking. This addiction destroys their financial condition as well as personal life. Their health condition deteriorates because of this poisonous drink. Too much consumption of alcohol leads to liver cancer and stomach cancer. The cerebellum of our brain stops working as alcohol directly affects it, resulting in imbalanced walking, leading to accidents and sometimes death.

Too much smoking: Not only alcohol but smoking also fascinates men. This addiction sometimes controls their thinking power. Men think smoking will help them concentrate, but smoking excites the nerve, which cannot cool down quickly. Due to excessive smoking, lung cancer becomes more common in men. The oxygen in the lungs due to smoking reduces. Smoking also burns the skin of lips and makes them darken. The color of the teeth changes, ruining the smile on a man’s face.

Fitness freak: Young men are fitness freaks and love a muscular body. Spending 1 to 2 hours in the gym with vigorous exercise is a common trend now. But different body structure specifies that not every man can get the desired body structure. That is why some of them depend on the available supplements without consulting their gym trainer or doctors. Most health products, protein powders, and steroids available in the market are of low quality. Excessive consumption of such products can lead to prostate cancer, diabetes, abnormal liver functions, and kidney disease.

Unprotected sexual life: Men are involved in unprotected and random sexual life, leading to sexually transmitted disease infections. Not only that, curiousness about different sexual pleasures and sexual contact without protection, they welcome sexually transmitted diseases on their own. This condition applies mainly to the people of rural areas who lack awareness about a good sexual life.

Some other facts to keep in mind while revamping male health are here below with some added remedies:

Avoid fat, fried, and processed food: Most men eat fried and junk food. To avoid cooking, they prefer processed food, which affects their sexual health and well-being. Heart disease, blood sugar, and high blood pressure also increase because of these factors. Eating low-fat dairy products and replacing processed food with oat or whole grains will be better. Simple food with vegetables and salad does not take too much effort to cook and improves health.

Considered the Mediterranean diet to avoid erectile dysfunctions: Mediterranean diet with the following food items improves the health conditions and reduces the factors that may increase the chance of erectile dysfunctions.

  • Vegetables like Kale, spinach, carrots
  • Nuts and seeds like walnut, almonds, and sunflower seed
  • Legumes like lentils, beans, peanuts
  • Tubers like yams and potatoes
  • Poultry like turkey and chicken
  • Avocado, extra virgin olive oil, and more such healthy fats

Feel free to drink more coffee or tea: If you are a coffee/tea lover, show your love for coffee and tea. The caffeine in these drinks improves blood flow and relaxes the muscle, helping in reducing stress and improving your sexual life. So drink tea and coffee without sugar and enjoy good health.

Do at least 20 minutes of moderate exercise: Don’t be lazy and do at least 20 minutes of moderate exercise every day. You can run in a park or Walk straight to Road. If you cannot do this, then at least use the stairs of the lift in your office. These small changes in your daily life will bring good health and will make you more active. The goodness of these free hand exercises will get you good health as well as healthier sexual performance in your life.

Avoid too much cycling and bike riding: It is essential to know how much time you spend cycling and bike riding. According to medical research, the pressure on blood vessels and nerves when riding a cycle or bike can lead to erectile dysfunctions. Excessive heat from a bike engine can affect your sperm production. You should use a comfortable seat while riding your bike or cycling for better comfort.

Should maintain a healthy weight: According to Medical Research, excessive obesity can effective sexual drive as well as increase your health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. So if you want to maintain good physical and sexual health, it is essential to maintain a healthy weight.

Ensure to get at least 6 hours of sleep: Sleep is essential as our body and brain rest during that time. Ensure you are getting at least 6 hours of sleep to come to your brain and body. Less sleep may help you to work more, but it is not a long time solution. Gradually you will face its destructive effect.

Minimize your stress with your hobbies: Minimize your stress with your hobbies or sweet moments with your friends and family. This free time will help to reduce stress and increase your performance at work and in bed. Excessive stress hampers your work and sexual life. So it is better to do whatever you like to minimize your stress.

Cut off your nicotine use and alcohol consumption: Cut off your smoking and alcohol habits if you want to spend a healthy life with your friends and family longer in this world. Smoking and alcohol damage your lung, nervous system, kidney, and sexual life. It will ruin peace in your life, so avoid them and do not let those products do it to you.

Use herbal supplements instead of harmful health products: Instead of cheap products available on the market, use herbal supplements to improve your health and stamina. L-citrulline, Ginseng, and Horney goat weed are natural supplements that help you to maintain healthy body weight and increase sperm quality and count. Those products offer you an excellent masculine figure and good sexual performance.

Have a protected and healthy sexual life: Sex is one of the prior desires in everyone’s life. A protected, healthy sexual life provides the best sexual pleasure away from sexually transmitted diseases. So avoid anal sexual desire and use condoms during your sexual intimacy. If you show concern for your sexual life, you secure your partner’s sexual life. The concern will attract your partner more towards you as everyone loves to be cared for.

So, men, we know about the stress and pressure that comes from your responsibilities, but it is not good that you avoid your health. Remember, your good health is essential not only for you but also for your family as they love you the most. Follow this article and know about the threats to your health and how you can revamp your male health in the best 11 ways. We hope you will enjoy a good, physically and sexually healthy life and always be happy.

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