Top 4 Products To Detox Your System In 2023

Even though THC is a hundred percent naturally obtained compound, it can still show up in a drug screening for over 45 days! This is why even if you’re a casual user, and have an important drug test coming up, you must completely detox your body! We have summed up the best THC detox methods in this article to help you pass a drug test with ease!

THC can remain in your body for varied periods of time depending on multiple factors. Daily water intake, diet, physical activity, and lifestyle, all influence THC presence and its detectability in your body. And with the advent of modern drug testing technology, THC usage can now be detected over 90 days!

There are different types of drug tests and each test has a different detection period. A Urine drug test can detect THC usage over a span of 45 days whereas this period for a hair drug test is more than 90 days! For this reason, each of our THC detox methods is carefully selected considering a specific type of drug test.

We have chosen all commonly used drug tests along with the best possible ways to detox for them! Here are some of the best THC detox kits to help you pass any drug test effortlessly!

Best THC Detox Products

  1. Detox Pills – Overall Best THC Detox Method

  2. Detox Drinks – Best Detox Method For Urine Drug Tests

  3. Detox Shampoo – Ideal For Hair Follicle Drug Test

  4. Detox Mouthwash – Best Detox For Passing A Saliva Drug Test

#1. Detox Pills: Overall Best THC Detox Method


The overall best method to detox your body of THC, to start off our list, we have THC detox pills! These pills work wonders and can help you get rid of even the slightest trace of THC from your body within just a week! This method is especially best if you have a blood or urine drug test coming up!

A blood or urine drug test usually comes with a 4 to 5 days prior notice, which gives you enough time to completely detoxify your body. These tests are commonly conducted by companies to ensure that their employees are drug-free. These drug tests are also conducted at schools and colleges to record drug usage among young adults.

A wide range of substances can show up as red flags in a blood or urine drug test. The most common of these include cocaine, hash, weed, meth, mushrooms, LSD, and of course, THC! A blood drug test requires a small sample of your blood which the lab attendant usually takes from the arm. Whereas, a urine test will require a urine sample taken on-spot in a small cup.

THC detox supplements are the best way to detox your body to come up 100 percent clean in a blood or urine drug test. These detox pills work by increasing the metabolism rate of your body which helps remove, not just THC but other toxins as well, faster from the body. Drink plenty of water and use the pills according to the given instructions for ideal results.

The 10-day Detox Program by Toxin Rid comes with the best detox pills on the market. The whole kit includes a bottle of detox pills containing 150 tablets, a detox drink, and detox dietary fiber. The whole kit is extremely simple to use and can help you pass a drug test with flying colors.

The high-quality detox pills are the main highlight of the Toxin Rid kit. Toxin Rid is a highly reputable name in the supplement business and the company has created the detox formula for its pills after thorough research. Choosing only the finest quality, clinically proven ingredients, Toxin Rid has given us an easy solution to pass any drug test effortlessly.

Toxin Rid detox pills are made of naturally obtained ingredients and include vitamins and minerals. These pills speed up the body’s natural metabolism rate so it can flush THC and other toxins quicker. The 10-day program is best not only for casual but hardcore THC users as well.

The whole program is extremely easy to incorporate into your everyday life and the kit comes with clear instructions on how to use each of its included products for desirable results. Within just 10 days, your body will be clean of any traces of THC!

To start the program, take 3 detox pills every 5 hours throughout the day. Make sure to not take more than 15 pills per day to avoid side effects. For the best possible results, take the pills with plenty of water and a healthy diet which must include fruits, fiber, and a lot of leafy vegetables. Keep this routine for 10 days to completely rid your body of any kind of toxins.

The detox drink is to be used on the final day of the program. Take half of the drink with 7 to 16 ounces of water and fast for two hours. Do not eat or drink anything between these two hours, and then drink the remaining half with plenty of water.

The dietary fiber is optional. We recommend taking it if you have less time to detox for your test. Take the fiber will plenty of water or orange juice for a quick cleanse.

The Toxin Rid 10-day program has helped hundreds of people pass their drug tests effortlessly. Even if you do not have a drug test, you can use the product to remove toxins and other harmful chemicals from your body. The product has received amazing customer reviews and you can check out some fascinating success stories on the brand’s official website.

The brand also features a money-back guarantee which gives you the liberty to return the product for a full refund if you’re unsatisfied with the results. Moreover, you won’t have to spend extra on delivery as the company offers free shipping all over the US!


Best THC detox pills available on the market

Ideal for blood and urine drug tests

Made from all-natural ingredients

Lab tested product

Money-back guarantee

High success ratio


Can show minimal side effects in some cases

#2. Detox Drinks: Best Detox Method For Urine Drug Tests

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink

In some urgent cases, like for court evidence or a short-notice drug test at school, you might not have enough time to prepare for a thorough cleanse using detox pills. The penalty in these cases is usually very severe. And for just these specific situations, we have the perfect detox method, so you can have a quick drug cleanse effortlessly! Say hello to THC detox drinks!

Pass any THC drug test with ease using THC detox drinks. These detox drinks are highly effective and help the body get rid of not just THC, but a wide variety of other recreational substances as well. The best thing about this method is that it is the quickest detox method available, as it cleans the body within just a matter of hours.

After considering dozens of products, we have chosen one of the best THC detox drinks available on the market, Rescue Cleanse by Clear Choice! Clear Choice is a well-known brand in the drug testing business and has helped hundreds of people pass their drug screens. The company places a premium on product quality and customer satisfaction. It ensures, through lab testing, that only the best products reach their valued customers.

Utilizing its experience in the field, Clear Choice has come up with a miraculous formula that can rid your body of even the slightest trace of drugs within an hour! Even if you’re a hard-core drug user, you’ll get a 100 percent clean report, without much effort!

The Clear Choice THC detox product comes in two packaging, 32 and 17-ounce bottles. As of now, it is available in cranberry and apple flavors, and the company is expected to add more soon.

The 32-ounce bottle is ideal for people weighing over 200 pounds and especially for those who are frequently exposed to toxins. Whereas the 17-ounce bottle is perfect for people weighing less than 200 pounds.

Hardcore drug users are recommended to use the 32-ounce bottle. The detox liquid effectively removes toxins from the body due to its active natural ingredients. It speeds up the filtration and detox process of the body and promotes toxin removal from the blood. These toxins are then removed from the body through urination.

You will experience frequent urination after using the Clear Choice detox drink which is clear proof that the formula is working. Take the drink with lots of water or cranberry juice for the best results.

The product comes with complete instructions as to how to take the drink. The detox drink is ideal to be taken on the day of the drug test, a few hours prior to the examination. Do not use any kind of substance within 48 hours before the test as it might end up as a red flag on your report.

The detox drink will keep you in the safe zone for 5 hours after its use. Once you drink the whole bottle, do not drink or eat anything except water. It will take one hour for the formula to start working so take the drink at least one hour prior to the drug test. Make sure to drink as much water as possible as it will help you urinate more.

You can buy the Rescue Cleanse detox drink from the brand’s official website. The product is very reasonably priced at $60. You can also benefit from different discounts and offers available on the site.

The official website of Clear Choice is highly elaborate and has a lot of useful information about the product. You can also check out the amazing reviews Rescue Cleanse has received from satisfied users. With free shipping all over the US and a money-back guarantee, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best offer!


Best THC detox drink available in the market

Naturally made, effective formula

Quick action, works within just an hour

Comes with complete instructions

Best for hardcore users

Available in two delicious flavors

Keeps you in the safe zone for 5 hours after use


Cannot be used more than twice per month

#3. Detox Shampoo: Ideal For Hair Follicle Drug Test

Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Detox Shampoo

Besides urine and saliva drug tests, hair follicle drug tests are also very common in the professional and educational sectors.

When you use THC, it travels in your bloodstream and can accumulate in different regions of the body, including hair follicles. During a hair drug test, the lab attendant will take a bunch or a single hair from the root, of your head and examine it to find traces of THC or other drugs.

A drug follicle test can detect drug usage within a range of 90 days. Now, this is a long period of time and if you have a drug test coming up on short notice, you might need something that works quickly and effectively. And we have just the right method for you! Say hello to THC detox shampoos!

Detox shampoos are your easy solution to come out clear on a hair drug test! These shampoos are made of a scientifically researched formula that removes all traces of drugs from the hair in just a few washes. Start using these shampoos a week prior to your drug screening and see fascinating results!

But there are a lot of different brands in the market, and with a majority of substandard products, it often gets difficult to choose the right one. Moreover, most detox shampoos out there contain harmful synthetic chemicals that may give quicker results, but on the other hand, damage hair badly.

This is why, after thorough research, and considering dozens of products, we have selected the best detox shampoo available in the market! Say hello to Old Style Aloe toxin rid shampoo!

A highly successful product by Toxin Rid, Old Style Aloe is made of a special blend of natural ingredients that removes all kinds of toxins from hair follicles in just a few washes. Where most detox shampoos on the market contain synthetic chemicals, Old Style Aloe is made of only organic, naturally obtained ingredients that are gentle on hair and skin.

The product will help you pass hair drug tests with flying colors! Although make sure that you use the product according to the given instructions.

It is best to start using Old Style Aloe one week prior to the drug examination. The product is extremely easy to use. Simply apply the shampoo to your hair and let it work for 5 to 15 minutes. Make sure that you target the scalp and rub the shampoo thoroughly in it. After that, rinse your hair with lukewarm water and let them dry. Keep repeating this process till the day of the drug test.

You have to wash your hair at least 15 times with the Old Style Aloe detox shampoo for the best results. Do not wear any cap or scarf that you previously used and try to keep your hair open and dry. The product also comes with an Ultra Clean Shampoo pack which is to be used on the day of the drug test.

One of the best things about Old Style Aloe toxin rid is that it contains Aloe Vera extract which makes the formula gentle on the skin and promotes hair health. You will feel a new smoothness to your hair after using the shampoo.

The product has received some amazing reviews which you can check out on the brand’s official website. Customers especially love the fact that the shampoo is made of only natural ingredients and is very gentle on the skin and hair. It also has a very nice scent to it.

The detox shampoo comes in 8-ounce bottles. Priced at $235.90, Old Style Aloe may seem a bit expensive, but it guarantees clean results. Just make sure that you use the product according to the given instructions, and that’s all!

In case you have any questions about the product or how it works, you can reach out to the brand’s amazing customer support service agents who are available 24/7 for your assistance. Contact them via email or phone and they will get back to you asap!


Top THC detox shampoo available in the market

Zero synthetic chemicals

Effective formula

Contains Aloe Vera extracts

Gentle on skin and hair

Amazing customer service


Comparatively expensive

#4. Detox Mouthwash: Best Detox For Passing A Saliva Drug Test

Toxin Rid Detox Mouthwash

An oral mouth swab is another very common kind of drug test used by companies and schools for a quick examination. And although the test has a shorter detection period, it can still detect substance use.

To help you pass such a kind of test, we have detox mouthwash! By thoroughly cleaning all traces of THC and other hardcore drugs from your mouth, a detox mouthwash helps you pass an oral drug test with flying colors! Just a few quick rinses before the screening are enough to get that clear test report!

But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the right product? To ease your difficulty, after considering multiple factors, we have selected the best detox mouthwash available. Say hello to the Toxin Rid Detox Mouthwash!

Due to its strong, natural formula, Toxin Rid Detox mouthwash removes all traces of drugs from your mouth in just a few rinses. Use the mouthwash properly, according to the given instructions to guarantee yourself a clear test report!

The product is best for smokers as well. Want to hide your smoking habit from your employers or from a new date? Rinse your mouth a couple of times with Toxin Rid detox mouthwash and you’re good to go! It also gives you a fresh breath so you can meet people with confidence!

One of the best things about Toxin Rid detox mouthwash is that it can be used on spot. This makes the mouthwash usable for surprise drug tests. All you have to do is excuse yourself for the restroom and simply rinse your mouth a couple of times with the solution. Keep the solution in your mouth for a couple of minutes, spit, and rinse thoroughly with water, and you’re good to go!

Toxin Rid mouthwash works effectively and can help you pass drug tests with ease. Although make sure that you use it according to the instructions.

Take the cap of the bottle and fill it one-third with the mouthwash liquid. Rinse thoroughly and keep it in your mouth for 2 to 5 minutes. Spit and rinse your mouth again with water. Repeat this process 3 to 5 times and you’re good to go. You can also use breath mints for better results.

Since THC metabolites can be present in your saliva if you’re a regular user, we recommend using the mouthwash right before the test. This will minimize your chances of failing your drug test.

The Toxin Rid mouthwash can be bought online on the brand’s official website for $29.95. It is available in 30-ml bottles. You can also choose to add a saliva test to your order to test the product before the actual screening.

The product has helped dozens of people pass drug tests and you can check out some amazing reviews on the official site. The FAQ section there has a lot of useful information as well. The company also features a money-back policy and free delivery all over the US!


Quick detox

Ideal for mouth swabs or saliva drug tests

Can be used on the spot

made of naturally obtained ingredients

Free of harmful chemicals

Reasonably priced

Money-back guarantee

Free delivery

Elaborate website, with a lot of useful information


Has an unpleasant taste

Buyer’s Guide – How We Chose The Best THC Detox Products

THC Detox products have a big market and a bigger demand. Especially with the recent trend of detoxification and purifying the body on social media, more and more people are getting attracted to detox products. Believe it or not, the demand for detox products has increased many folds in 2023.

Where this trend of detoxification in the public is actually something positive and good for health, a lot of shady companies have started profiting from it. These companies scam people by selling them low-quality detox products.

These products contain a lot of unnatural ingredients which may work fast but show a lot of serious adverse side effects. This is why it is important to carefully research products, especially detox supplements, before buying them.

But not everyone has the time to thoroughly study dozens of products before choosing one, which is why we have done that for you and selected the best THC detox products available in the market. Moreover, each of our chosen detox products is ideal for a specific type of drug test so you won’t have to research each type individually.

Multiple factors were considered while choosing the products on this list. Here is a summary of the major ones:

Brand Reputation

Trust us, you do not want to buy detox supplements from shady brands with no track record. These brands sell substandard products that may remove THC traces quicker but cause a lot of negative side effects. Moreover, a lot of these products are completely fake and might cause you to fail your drug test, or get you caught.

This is why, while making this list, we ensured that all products we include are from reputable brands that have a positive track record. All our selected products are from well-known brands that have years of experience in the field and the majority of them even guarantee that their product works.

Effective Formula

Another important aspect we considered while selecting our products was the product formula. Failing a drug test can have serious consequences which is why it is important that the product you choose has an effective, working formula.

While making this list, we made sure that all our selected products have an effective THC detox formula that works to detox THC as well as other unwanted drug toxins from the body at a fast rate. You can check each of our selected products yourself as well, as all of them have clinically proven formulas.

Nature Of Ingredients

Another important parameter we considered while choosing the items for this list was the nature of the ingredients used in the products. Unnatural, synthetic chemical containing products do work quicker but have a lot of negative side effects. Their prolonged use can even cause you to develop serious medical ailments.

This is why, while making this list, we made sure to only choose products that were made of hundred percent naturally obtained ingredients. These products have minimal side effects and are gentle on the body. But that does not mean that they are not effective. You can choose any of our selected products confidently as all of them have a high success rate.

Success Ratio

An effective detox product helps cleanse THC at a fast rate and has a high success ratio. That is exactly what we looked for while making this list.

All our selected products have a high success ratio. You can check the official websites of all our products to read some fascinating success stories.

Product Pricing

Good quality detox products are usually very pricey, and you cannot buy products that are too cheap as well as most of them are substandard. While making this list, we tried to add products that were neither too expensive nor too cheap. All of our selected products lie in the affordable range and won’t prove a burden on your budget.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews usually reveal a lot about a product which is why it is important to thoroughly go through them before buying one. While compiling this list, we carefully went through reviews of more than a dozen products in each category and only selected those with the best ones.

FAQs About Weed Detox

Q1. How to speed up the THC detoxification process?

There are many ways you can speed up the THC detoxification process naturally. First of all, avoid any kind of THC consumption while you’re on your THC detox program.

Secondly, drink as much water as possible as it will naturally speed up your body’s metabolism rate to remove toxins faster from it. Moreover, avoid heavy exercise and use the product according to the given instructions for quick results.

Q2. Which is the most effective THC detox method?

THC detox pills are the most effective detox method as they thoroughly and effectively remove THC traces from your body to help you pass your drug test.

Q3. How long does cannabis stay in your body?

How long cannabis stays in the body depends on multiple factors such as body weight, routine, daily physical activity, water intake, lifestyle, and diet. This is why we cannot say for sure how long cannabis stays in the body.

Q4. Do THC Detox pills work?

Yes, THC detox pills work by speeding up the body’s natural metabolism rate so it can flush THC and other toxins quicker.

Q5. What are some other ways to pass a drug test without much effort?

Some natural ways to detox the body include drinking a ton of water mixed with apple cider vinegar, daily exercise, and incorporating a healthy diet. If you have a urine test, you can also try using synthetic urine.

Final Thoughts on THC Detox Products

THC can pretty easily show up on a drug screen. This is why if you are a THC user and have a significant drug test coming up, it is important that you detox your body completely from THC.

In this article, we have listed the best THC detox methods along with the best products from them to help you effortlessly pass your drug tests! Choose any of them according to the type of drug test you’re going to take and guarantee yourself a clean report.

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