New Travel Restrictions Likely to Be Proposed By The European Union

New Travel Restrictions Likely to Be Proposed By The European Union

The USA Story

The administration under the presidency of Joe Biden has earlier finalized the timeline of 8 months for a citizen to get his or her booster shot. The period of 8 months was to be counted from the last date when they got fully vaccinated. It appears that the timeline is here to stay for a while.

New Travel Restrictions Likely to Be Proposed By The European Union

Joe Biden, during a press conference, said that consideration to reduce the timeline to 5 months was on the table. The data, however, is insufficient from the studies. The period of 5 months is being given a thought after the Israeli Prime Minister suggested it.

New Travel Restrictions Likely to Be Proposed By The European Union

Dr. Anthony Fauci, too, addressed the media and said that the timeline would be kept at 8 months and the administration would remain flexible. Any change in the period of getting a booster shot will be subjected to the evolving information that they receive from the clinical tests.

The booster shot will be for everyone irrespective of the dose they have taken.

The current launch date of the booster is September 20, 2021. This is subject to pending approval from the Food & Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.

The EU Story

The European Union is likely to propose a ban on travel from several countries. This comes in the light of the high transmission rate of the Delta Variant.

According to a study, the Delta Variant is expected to double the rate of hospitalization. The Alpha Variant was less contagious, but the Delta Variant is proving to be a huge hurdle to be crossed.

The study, published in The Lancet Infectious Disease, also concluded that the admissions to emergency care are likely to double due to the spread of the Delta Variant. This has proven to be a cause of worry for the European Union.

A total of 40,000 patients were involved in the study. It was conducted from March 29, 2021, to May 23, 2021. The Delta Variant was very much prevalent during this course of time. Most of the participants were unvaccinated.

To avoid the disaster from happening, the European Union may impose a ban on travel to and from other countries.

Case 1

The seriousness of the Delta Variant and the effect of ignoring it can be understood from this case.

A man named Caleb Wallace died after he refused to get tested for Covid-19. He was 30-years young and had risen to fame after he had organized The Freedom Rally. The rally witnessed the participation of the Central Texas Community.

The objective of the rally was to protest against the wearing of masks and keeping several businesses closed. He had also criticized the scientific technology that supported the Covid-19 pandemic.

His death was announced by Jessica Wallace, his wife, on his GoFundPage. She also revealed that he was taking excessive Vitamin C doses instead of getting admitted to a hospital. Jessica is currently pregnant with their fourth child.

Case 2

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported a case from California where a female teacher infected 22 students and 4 parents.

The report neither named the teacher nor the school. The Covid-19 infection spread after the teacher refused to get vaccinated and wear a mask. Her refusal came despite the elementary school insisting on her to do otherwise.

She has been experiencing nasal congestion and fatigue for some time. She took it as a side effect of an allergy and continued to teach at the school. She continued her job for 2 days before she got tested for Covid-19. The results came in and concluded that the teacher was infected with Covid-19.

The incident highlighted that the transmission rate of Delta Variant could not be taken lightly. One must consider its high transmission rate among those who have not been vaccinated, especially young children.


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