Only 1 In 10 People Get Treatment For Drinking Problem In US

Only 1 In 10 People Get Treatment For Drinking Problem In The United States Of America

Alcoholism is broadly any drinking of alcohol that results in significant mental and physical health problems. Alcoholism is mainly not considered as a disease but rather as a disorder or alcohol dependence. Excessive consumption of alcohol can cause damage to the internal organs such as the brain, heart, liver, pancreas, and immune system. It can also result in mental illness, delirium tremens, Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome, irregular heartbeat, impaired immune response, liver cirrhosis, and increased risk of cancer. When the alcohol is consumed during the pregnancy, it might cause fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Women tend to be more sensitive than men to the harmful effects of alcohol.

Only 1 In 10 People Get Treatment For Drinking Problem In US

The World Health Organization conducted a study in 2015, where it was found that in the United States of America, about 17 million people, 7% of adults and 0.7 million, that is 2.8% of those whose age between 12 to 17 years, are affected. It is common among males and young adults. As per the recent report, Americans with drinking problems are rarely referred for treatment even though the doctors have asked about their drinking problems. According to the U.S. National Institute of Health, this is not the first research conducted to study the lower rates of treatment of alcohol disorders. 

Only 1 In 10 People Get Treatment For Drinking Problem In The United States Of America

The research also shows that lower than 10% of Americans with drinking problems receive treatment. The new report that is based on 214,000 Americans is consistent and of people who met the criteria of drinking problems, only about 6% of the people receive treatment. As per the medical guidelines, it wasn’t like the people were not seeing the health care providers or had never been screened for the drinking problems. But it seemed like the doctors were often screening the drinking problems, but it was the end and no further steps were taken to continue the process.

One of the doctors from the Washington University School of Medicine in St.Louis mentioned that people with drinking disorders are hitting the health care center, but the doctors are missing the opportunities. She also mentioned that there might be reasons at both ends of the problem that is, the doctor and the patient. The primary reason is that the doctors are pressed for time and a deeper probe into a patient’s drinking may fall by the wayside; the second reason is that the patients may downplay the drinking. And also mentioned that when a doctor asks about the drinking, they might be reluctant to tell the patient that it is problematic.

The reports also showed that alcohol usage can cause chronic brain disorders and not moral failings. Pat Aussem is associate Vice president for consumer clinical content development and she agreed that doctor’s attitude towards solving the drinking problem can be a barrier. The research also suggests that the way problematic usage of alcohol which is perceived by the primary care providers, can also influence the provider-patient relationship and also affects the quality of treatment that is being provided. She also mentioned that some of the doctors blamed the patients for their drinking and any related problems as if the patients knew how to solve them.

It was also mentioned that some of the doctors are uncomfortable in tackling the drinking problems because of the lack of training and lack of referral base. The findings that were published in the June issue of the Journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental research mentioned that more than 214,000 U.S. adults and teenagers responded to the surveys on substance abuse. According to the survey, people mentioned that about 80% of them had seen a doctor or even been into the emergency room regarding the issue and 70% said that they have been asked for alcohol use. But that’s far the things can go, and they get dropped off after that.


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