TriVexa Reviews – Should You Buy? Ingredients, Side Effects Risk, Customer Complaints

TriVexa is a natural, mushroom-based supplement that is used and appreciated by thousands of people. Customers enjoy incorporating TriVexa into their daily diet and as of yet, there hasn’t been a single side effect reported.

Every capsule of TriVexa is manufactured in FDA-registered and GMP-certified facilities in the US. While it is completely safe and natural, it is still advised to check with a professional before consuming the supplement and making it a part of your routine.

TriVexa is a daily supplement with a plethora of health benefits. Among others, it is an excellent supplement for those trying to lose some weight. Every bottle of TriVexa contains 266mg of science-based and well-researched mushrooms that have been proven to relax nerves, accelerate weight loss, boost energy and metabolism, and improve the overall health and well-being of the consumer.

Before diving into further details, let us first give you a quick overview of the dietary supplement:

Product Category:

Health Supplement

Product Name:


Product Focus:

Weight Loss


$69 for one bottle (Official Website)

Product Highlights:

  • GMP Approved
  • Manufactured in an FDA-registered facility, US
  • Prepared with science-based mushrooms
  • 266mg Mushroom Content per Bottle
  • 98.33% Label Accuracy
  • 96% Ingredient Purity
  • 96.5% Ingredient Safety
  • 95.5% Projected Efficacy

Serving Per Bottle:

60 capsules


Blazei, Lions Mane, Reishi, Turkey Tail, White Button, Chaga


  • Curbs Appetite
  • Improves Fat Oxidation
  • Promotes Healthy Inflammation
  • Boosts Energy Levels
  • Increases Immunity


TriVexa Reviews are generally positive. (Read reviews!)

Side Effects:

As per studies and TriVexa reviews, no side effects have been reported on consuming this natural supplement.

Where To Buy:

The TriVexa capsules are only available for purchase on their official website as the company wants to ensure the complete authenticity of the product.

Let’s now delve into a comprehensive review of TriVexa.

Why Do You Need TriVexa?

Various studies and surveys often indicate the unhealthy lifestyle of people these days. The primary cause behind this is poor diet patterns and other lifestyle choices which lead to unhealthy aging, weight gain, and various sorts of health issues.

It is no secret that losing some extra weight is one of the most primary and crucial ways to achieve good health. However, with tight schedules and busy routines, it becomes nearly impossible to keep track of your calories or spend long hours working out in the gym.

At such times, wellness products become your best friend! Especially for facilitating weight loss, these products can help you achieve desired results quicker than you can imagine.

Formulated with mushrooms, TriVexa is a dietary supplement that is proven to enhance your weight loss journey. But the question is, how does it work? Let’s have a look.

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Core Mechanisms Of TriVexa – How Does It Work?

TriVexa makes use of science-based and well-researched mushrooms that provide consumers with various health benefits. The makers of the supplement have boldly and proudly claimed that it will only take a few weeks for consumers to experience visible and incredible results.

TriVexa Benefits

Starting from the first use, the supplement and its mushroom blend will stimulate a series of biochemical reactions that improve health and well-being.

The mushroom-based formulation is the highlight of this supplement which targets the problem of weight loss in stubborn body parts as well. It also makes the process of building muscle mass easier. For people who deal with mental health issues, TriVexa contains various adaptogens that have a considerable impact on combating anxiety, stress, and depression.

Moreover, many TriVexa Reviews have mentioned the effects of the supplement on stabilizing blood pressure and developing the glycemic range. It also improves cardiovascular health and enhances blood circulation. It can also improve cellular health as it is involved in the process of bio-repair.

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Serving Instructions – How To Consume TriVexa?

Simply take two capsules of TriVexa with water every day during the evening with your meal. This is all you need to do before you start experiencing fantastic results and finally love how you look.

It is important to note that it will take around 3 months of consistent consumption of TriVexa to witness its best results.

This is a decent amount of time for TriVexa to conduct its processes. Hence, it is advised that you go for the three or six-bottle package. It will also cost you less per bottle.

The makers of the supplement aim to leave you enthusiastic and not only satisfied with your purchase. Try TriVexa, as advised, and give it 3 months to provide you with the best results.

However, in case you lose patience before that and don’t feel satisfied, you can always avail of the 60-day money-back guarantee of the product which is explained in the later sections below.

Let’s first understand how the product is priced and what are the packages offered.

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Pricing Structure Of TriVexa Packages

TriVexa allows you to buy the supplement in three package options, including a single-bottle supply, a 3-bottle supply, and a 6-bottle supply. Here’s the price for all three:

TriVexa Package And Pricing

6-Bottle Supply

On the purchase of six bottles, the price for one bottle is $49. The total price for this Premium pack is $294. Shipping is free in the US.

3-Bottle Supply

On the purchase of three bottles, the price for one bottle is $59. The total price for this Popular pack is $177. Shipping is free in the US.

1-Bottle Supply

On the purchase of one bottle, the price of one bottle is $69. This is called the Basic pack. Shipping charges are excluded.

It is best to go with the 6-bottle supply, which will last you 3 months and help you experience the best effects of TriVexa.

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What Are The Numerous Benefits of TriVexa Consumption?

The benefits of TriVexa on the overall health and well-being of the consumer are immense. The following is a list of such benefits that combine and aid in stimulating weight loss:

Promotes Healthy Inflammations

TriVexa features the amalgamation of six different kinds of mushrooms that work together to get rid of unhealthy inflammation in your body. The makers of TriVexa claim that this mushroom formulation is capable of restoring balanced cellular health that helps with healthy fat metabolism.

Boosts Energy Levels

The ingredients of TriVexa act as powerful metabolic boosters that are excellent at boosting energy levels in your body. This further helps in maintaining optimal health, both physically and mentally.

Improves Fat Oxidation

The combination of these unique kinds of mushrooms contained in this supplement also boosts fat oxidation in the body. The makers claim that TriVexa is capable of facilitating fat release from your body reserves as well. Moreover, it assists your body in utilizing stored fat for producing energy.

Increases Immunity

TriVexa and its mushroom formulation can also improve your body’s immune response and fight unhealthy inflammation or any diseases and infections more naturally and healthily. It is crucial to maintain optimal immunity, especially when you are trying to accelerate fat oxidation.

Curbs Appetite

The mushrooms present in TriVexa are also great at combating your appetite and getting rid of what’s called ‘emotional eating’. It can play a beneficial role in helping you control your food portions, keep track of calories, and achieve the deficit amount.

The supplement is known to work systematically and gradually. Hence, consumers must understand that they won’t experience any results in one or two days. It is advised to take the supplement consistently for at least 3 months to ensure the health benefits mentioned above.

However, what happens if you don’t see any benefits or results on your body altogether? Well, let’s have a look.

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What Are The Different Varieties Of Mushrooms Incorporated In TriVexa?

Below is an overview of the key ingredients/mushrooms that make up the TriVexa ingredients label:


Blazei mushroom, also known as Agaricus blazei, is native to Brazil and is known for its unique appearance and health benefits.

Visually, blazei mushrooms are characterized by their large, tan-colored caps and thick stems. The mushroom can grow up to 8 inches in diameter, making it quite impressive in size.

It is rich in dietary fiber, which can help increase satiety and reduce calorie intake.

In a study, overweight participants were divided into two groups, with one group receiving a placebo and the other group receiving an Agaricus blazei extract supplement. The results revealed that participants taking the extract showed an average weight loss of 2.4 kg (5.3 lbs), a reduction in BMI by 0.81, and a decrease in body fat percentage by 4.63%.

Lions Mane

First and foremost, Lion’s Mane mushroom is rich in bioactive compounds known as erinacines and hericenones. These compounds have been extensively studied for their neuroprotective effects. Research has shown that they have the ability to stimulate the production of nerve growth factors (NGFs) in the brain.

NGFs play a crucial role in promoting the growth, maintenance, and regeneration of neurons, ultimately leading to improved cognitive function and memory enhancement.

In addition to its brain-boosting, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties, Lion’s Mane mushroom may also aid in the improvement of digestive health.


The Reishi mushroom, scientifically known as Ganoderma lucidum, is a distinctive fungus that grows in various parts of the world. It has a unique appearance, characterized by a reddish-brown cap with a shiny, lacquer-like surface.

One of the key factors contributing to its efficacy is its ability to enhance the body’s metabolism. Reishi mushrooms contain bioactive compounds called triterpenes, which have been found to increase the metabolic rate, resulting in higher calorie burn.

A study conducted by a group of researchers in 2015 involving obese mice found that the administration of Reishi mushroom extract led to a significant reduction in body weight and adipose tissue accumulation, supporting its potential weight loss benefits.

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Turkey Tail

One of the key components of the turkey’s tail is a group of compounds called polysaccharopeptides (PSP) and polysaccharides. These compounds have been shown to modulate the body’s immune system and reduce inflammation.

By interacting with immune cells, PSP and polysaccharides can suppress the release of pro-inflammatory molecules, such as cytokines, that are associated with chronic stress.

At the molecular level, the turkey’s tail has been found to interact with various signaling pathways involved in stress response and cognitive function.

For instance, studies have shown that PSP and polysaccharides can activate the nuclear factor-erythroid 2-related factor 2 (Nrf2) pathway. Activation of the Nrf2 pathway by the turkey’s tail helps to maintain the optimal functioning of neurons and supports cognitive health.

White Button

One core mechanism through which white button mushrooms may promote weight loss is by regulating appetite hormones.

A study conducted by researchers from the University of Adelaide in Australia found that participants who consumed white button mushrooms experienced a decrease in levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin and an increase in levels of the satiety hormone peptide YY (PYY) compared to those who consumed meat alone. This hormonal regulation can lead to reduced food intake and subsequently aid in weight loss.

A study published in the journal, Food Chemistry, investigated the effects of white button mushroom extract on fat oxidation in rats. The results showed that the extract significantly increased fat oxidation by up to 45%, indicating its potential to enhance the breakdown of stored fats in the body.


One key ingredient that sets TriVexa apart from other supplements is the inclusion of Chaga mushroom extract. This addition is not arbitrary; it is backed by advanced scientific research, making it an essential component of this remarkable supplement.

One of the primary reasons Chaga mushroom is added to TriVexa is its high concentration of bioactive compounds. Chaga mushrooms contain a wide array of beneficial substances such as polysaccharides, triterpenes, and melanin. These compounds have been extensively studied and have shown to possess strong anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and anticancer properties.

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Do The Makers Offer a Money-Back Guarantee On TriVexa?

The company provides a complete refund of your purchase amount in case you are not truly satisfied with the purchase. This 100% money-back guarantee, however, is only available for 60 days from the date of purchase. With no questions asked, the company will process your refund as early as possible.

To place your return request and ensure fast service, reach out to the customer service team of TriVexa using the contact information provided below.

Contact Information – How To Reach Out To TriVexa Team?

The customer support team of TriVexa is available 24/7 to respond to your queries and concerns. Simply write to the team at [email protected] mentioning your question and include all the information available to you or keep it handy for the time of inquiry.

This will help the service team in locating your account and resolving your query or issue as early as possible.

However, if you wish to resort to more prompt and convenient service, simply call them at 888-988-8738.

Return and Refund Policy On TriVexa

It is important to note that you will only have 60 days to place a return request for your product. First and foremost, you must ask for authorization from the service team by reaching out to them through phone or email. Once authorized, they’ll provide you with a number (RMA) which you must include with the returned product.

After receiving RMA, you must return the product and share the said number with the customer service team through email as well. Make sure to include the tracking number as well so the company can keep track of the return.

Once the company has received your returned product, it will carefully examine it and notify you of the delivery through email. It will also inform you of the result of the inspection and the status of the return.

If the return is approved, the refund amount will be processed within 3 weeks into the original payment account.

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A Detailed Insight into the Pros and Cons of TriVexa


  • It accelerates the weight loss process.
  • It boosts energy levels and metabolism rate.
  • It lowers the level of bad cholesterol in the body.
  • It helps in stabilizing blood pressure.
  • It relaxes the mind and helps in relieving anxiety and stress.
  • It also has a positive impact on the cognitive functioning of the user and improves memory strength.


  • TriVexa is available for purchase only on the official website of the supplement.
  • Due to high demand in the market, the product is often found to be out of stock.

Final Verdict

All in all, the supplement aims to provide users with a comprehensive solution to enhance their overall well-being.

So, if you are considering incorporating a mushroom-based supplement into your daily routine, TriVexa is undoubtedly worth exploring.

However, as with any other nutritional supplement, ensure to consult a healthcare professional before starting.

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