Trump Asks Supreme Court To Set Aside Wisconsin’s Election


Donald Trump asked the Supreme Court to reverse the decision of the Wisconsin High Court with regards to the presidential election. Trump wants the court to allow Republicans to decide on how to cast the 10 electoral votes of the state.

This is the latest effort by the Trump campaign to overturn the results of the presidential elections. However, Trump has failed in all the previous attempts to overturn the election results in the past few weeks.

Trump Asks Supreme Court To Set Aside Wisconsin’s Election

The legal team of Trump said that the court was the only institution that was capable of resolving the controversy surrounding the election in a credible manner. Apart from that, the lawyers also asked the Supreme Court to fast track the case as the Congress is all set to count electoral votes on Jan 6.

Earlier this month, the challenge was brought by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and also supported by 100 Republicans in Congress. However, the high court rejected the challenge as the legal team of Trump was not able to provide any evidence about fraudulent activities in the elections.

Trump Asks Supreme Court To Set Aside Wisconsin's Election

Biden won Wisconsin by about 21000 votes. The legal team of Trump wants the court to look into whether more than 50000 absentee ballots in Dane and Milwaukee countries were wrongly counted during the elections.

Some ballots were cast by voters who were confined to homes due to old age or disability. They did not provide a photo ID copy while casting the ballots. Trump questioned that enough checks were not in place to determine if voters met that criteria.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court had rejected the lawsuit 4-3 this month, saying that Trump had waited intentionally till the last minute to file the lawsuit. Some of the regulations with regards to absentee ballots were made in 2019, and the Trump campaign had enough time to question the regulation. However, the team of Trump waited till the election results were out and then decided to challenge the regulations.

The slate of electors has already cast the votes in the electoral college for Biden. The Supreme Court is likely to dismiss the case considering the fact that several such lawsuits were earlier dismissed by the Supreme Court. However, the Trump campaign is not in a mood to concede defeat, and they want to fight till the last minute. The situation has turned embarrassing for many Republicans, and they have also asked Trump to concede defeat and move on.

The initial attempts made by the Trump campaign tried to challenge the mail-in ballots as most of them favored the Democrats. Apart from that, the campaign also tried to influence the courts, alleging that massive fraudulent activities were done during the elections. However, when the matter went to the courts, the Trump campaign was not able to provide any substantial proof about the allegations.

Trump was also vocal about expressing his anger on Governors who did not do enough to overturn the election results. He had openly criticized several Republicans when they did not go out of their way to help him with the lawsuits. This has divided the Republicans in a big way and caused them severe embarrassment. Many Republican leaders have asked Trump to finally accept defeat as Biden has won by a comfortable margin.

Top election officials had said that the recently held presidential elections were the safest elections in the history of the US. Apart from that, the top officials also said that there was no evidence of massive fraudulent activities that could influence the election results. The Supreme Court has also criticized the efforts of the Trump campaign in the recent past and dismissed several lawsuits filed by the Trump allies.


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