Trump Finally Signs $900 Billion Covid Relief Bill


After a long wait, president Donald Trump has finally signed the $900 billion covid-19 relief package. This has come as a huge relief for millions of Americans who have been waiting to get financial assistance from the Federal government for a long time.

There was a lot of chaos last week when Trump refused to sign the bill as he was not happy with several provisions of the bill. He had indicated that the $600 in direct payment is not enough, and he wanted the amount to be increased to $2000. Apart from that, he also wanted to reduce the wasteful expenses and asked Congress to revise the bill. Trump had come under severe criticism for his refusal to sign the bill at the last moment.

Trump Finally Signs $900 Billion Covid Relief Bill

The wait is finally over for millions of Americans who are waiting to get unemployment benefits and rental assistance during the holiday season. Most of the earlier benefits offered by the Federal government were set to expire in the last week of December, and this would have left millions of Americans in a hopeless situation. The Moratorium for evictions was also set to end in the last week of December, and millions of Americans would become homeless unless the bill was passed.

Trump Finally Signs $900 Billion Covid Relief Bill

Even though there were severe arguments between the democrats and republicans with regards to several provisions of the bill, they reached a bipartisan agreement considering the gravity of the situation. To everyone’s surprise, Trump refused to sign the bill at the last moment, and even the Republicans were not happy with the chaos created by the president. Most of them suggested Trump sign the bill without creating further problems for millions of Americans.

In a statement released after signing the bill, Trump said that he was signing the bill that would restore unemployment benefits and provide rental assistance to stop evictions across the country. Apart from that, the bill is also set to add more money for PPP, and the vaccine distribution program will get additional funding with the help of the covid relief bill. Trump also indicated that the covid relief bill would help the airline workers to go back to work. The Airline Industry and the travel industry will get some boost with this relief bill.

However, Trump said that he would be sending the bill back to Congress with some strong recommendations and asked them to remove the wasteful expenses from the bill. Congress is yet to react to the suggestions made by Trump with regards to changes to the bill. As of now, it is a big relief for both the Congress as well as the common public as the financial assistance is finally coming from the Federal government.

The bill was passed in Congress last week after many months of negotiations. The democrats wanted to provide $2000 direct payments, but the republicans argued that $600 is the correct figure. After a long negotiation, a bipartisan agreement was reached to provide a $600 direct payment. However, Trump refused to sign the bill for this reason and said that $600 direct payments were not enough to provide financial assistance to people affected by the pandemic. He wanted the figure to be increased to $2000.

This became an embarrassing point for republicans as they had argued all along to keep the direct payments at $600. As of now, the unemployment benefits and rental assistance will be the immediate measures that will bring some relief to millions of Americans suffering due to the pandemic.

Several states are yet to make arrangements for implementing the bill, and it may take a few more weeks for the beneficiaries to receive relief from the Federal government.


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