Trump First Outgoing President To Skip Inauguration In 152 Years


Trump is all set to break the White House tradition once again as he refuses to attend the inauguration of Joe Biden. Trump becomes the first president in 152 years to skip the inauguration event. However, he has recently agreed to a peaceful transfer of power after threatening several times to challenge the election outcome.

Earlier, in 1869, President Andrew Johnson did not attend the swearing in ceremony of the 18th president Ulysses S Grant. Before that, John Adams in 1801 and John Quincy Adams in 1829 did not attend the inauguration events of the new presidents.

Trump First Outgoing President To Skip Inauguration In 152 Years

Several historians have criticized the moves of Trump and said that it was crucial for the peaceful transfer of power and offering respect to the tradition of the country. In recent years, one term presidents George Bush and Jimmy Carter took losses in their stride and attended the inaugurations. It was important to show respect for the traditions of the White House. However, in the case of Trump, he has kept his ego above the honor for the traditions.

Trump First Outgoing President To Skip Inauguration In 152 Years

Trump confirmed the news about skipping the inauguration through a tweet. However, not many people were surprised as everyone was aware of the actions of Trump in recent months. Trump had tried hard to challenge the election results and filed close to 50 lawsuits through his legal team and aides across the country. However, the courts dismissed all of them for lack of evidence as the Trump campaign was not able to prove their allegations of voter fraud in the US elections.

Biden said that he was not surprised by Trump’s decision. However, Biden said that he would welcome Vice President Mike Pence for the inauguration and he would be honored to have the attendance of Pence for the event.

In recent years, several presidents have shown respect for the tradition. Some of them have even saluted their predecessors during the inaugurations. In 1977, during the Carter inauguration, Carter thanked Gerald Ford for attending the ceremony. He said that he wanted to thank his predecessor for all he had done to heal the country.

Similarly in 1993, Bill Clinton also admired the work of Bush during the inauguration event. Clinton saluted Bush for his half century of service to America.

The authorities are preparing to have less number of people during the inauguration event due to covid 19 restrictions. The passes for the crowd is reduced this year due to the pandemic.

Trump has shown complete disrespect for several traditions and he was also instrumental in spreading false news about the electoral process in recent months. He went on to make baseless allegations about massive voter fraud even when the election authorities and other security agencies said that the elections were done in a fair manner.

Trump along with his allies filed several lawsuits and this turned ugly on many occasions. When Trump was not able to get the support of some Republican leaders to stop the certification of election results in swing states, he criticized them openly and brought a lot of embarrassment to the party. The actions of the president had a serious impact on the republican leadership and many of them showed their displeasure openly about the incidents.

Several republican leaders asked Trump in recent weeks to concede defeat in a proper way as the elections were conducted in a fair manner. However, Trump went on to spread false information and even incited his followers to stage protests at the Capitol. This resulted in a lot of violence and several people lost their lives during the riots. Everyone is now hoping for some relief from all the controversies surrounding the presidential elections.


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