Trump Signs The $900 Relief Bill After Days Of Refusal

Trump Signs The $900 Relief Bill After Days Of Refusal

A $900 billion pandemic relief package was signed by President Donald Trump on Sunday, as an end to days of his drama on his refusal to accept the bipartisan deal that would bring long-sought amounts to individuals and businesses and turn away a federal government shutdown. 

A 41.4 trillion fund was included in the great bill, which aimed at the government agencies through September. The bill contains other end-of-session priorities like an increase in the benefits of food stamps.

Trump Signs The $900 Relief Bill After Days Of Refusal

Trump signed the package at his private club in Florida.

Trump Signs The $900 Relief Bill After Days Of Refusal

It was between the raging criticism over his eleventh-hour demands for larger $2,000 relief checks and scaled-back spending through the House, and the Senate had already passed the bill by wide margins.

The bill was passed after months of negotiations with his office. 

A lapse in unemployment benefits became the result of his foot-dragging, saving millions who struggled to meet ends and threatened a government shutdown amongst the pandemic.

Another crisis of Trump’s own creation gets prevented by his signing of the bill into law. It also ends a standoff with his party in his final administrational days.

What Trump accomplished with his delay is unknown. This is past angering all sides and empowering Democrats to carry on their push for huge relief checks, opposed by his own party as well.

Trump repeated in his statement that he is still frustrated with the COVID-19 relief package for providing only $600 checks instead of the $2,000 to most American’s that his fellow Republicans already rejected.

Trump also protested what he considered unnecessary spending by the government at large.

In the statement, he also said that with a strong and clear message to Congress suggesting the removal of the wasteful items, he would sign the Omnibus and Covid Package. 

He insisted that he would send Congress a redlined version, marking the items to be removed under the process of rescission, which is simply with some suggestions to Congress. The bill would not necessarily be changed since it is signed.

The Democrats immediately wowed to prevent any cuts. According to Nita Lowey, the Appropriations Committee Chairwoman, the president’s statement suggested that the Democrats would reject any rescissions.

The Lawmakers now can go forward with their debate on whether the relief checks should be as large as the president had demanded.

The larger checks are supported by the Democratic-led House and voted on the issue on Monday. However, it is supposed to be ignored by the Republican-held Senate Where spending faces opposition.

Currently, the authority can only begin work sending out the payments of $600.

Both Democrats and Republicans welcomed the president’s decision to sign the bill.

The Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel thanked Trump for signing the bill. He said that the bill is not a perfect one, but enormously good in helping those who struggle across the country.


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