Trump To Declassify “Obamagate” Documents On Friday

According to news reports, President Donald Trump has authorized to declassify the Top Intelligence from the FBI and department of justice related to ObamaGate.

This refers to several years of a long spying operation against Donald Trump and his administration. The spying operation began when Donald Trump was the presidential candidate.

Trump To Declassify “Obamagate” Documents On Friday

Documents that are said to be classified will include the debriefing of Christopher Steele after he was fired for leaking documents. Apart from that, FBI asset Stefan Halper’s instructions related to the operations are also being declassified, according to sources.

Trump To Declassify Obamagate Documents On Friday

The documents are likely to include depositions, transcripts, and interviews. Sources also indicate that several FBI documents about Russia’s interference in the election would also be declassified. This goes on to show that the entire narration was created and leaked to media houses in order to gain political mileage.

The documents also indicate that the FBI spied on the Trump campaign. Apart from that, the FBI also provided information to Steele even after the CIA had warned not to provide some information due to national security concerns.

Trump is all set to make the best out of his last few days at the office. Recently, he had visited the US Mexico border to highlight the development made under his administration.

Trump had claimed that the border wall helped the officials to prevent illegal immigration by a huge margin in the last few years. Even though the border wall project started many years ago, most of the work was completed in the last year.

In the initial stages, Trump had planned to build the wall across the length of the US Mexico border. However, the border wall was constructed only in a few key areas, and fences were installed in many other places. The fences went as high as 30 feet, and it also gave the border Patrol police a good view of the activities on the other side of the border.

Due to the covid-19 restrictions, the Trump administration had sent back several immigrants without providing the legal support as it should be done according to the federal laws.

The administration gave the excuse that allowing immigrants during the pandemic will lead to a lot of health problems in the border region. Due to these concerns, several people were sent back without giving them a chance to put their case in court.

Unaccompanied minors were also sent back in this manner at the US Mexico border. Several civil rights activists protested against these measures by the Trump administration. They filed several lawsuits and asked the administration to stop sending miners without providing them legal assistance.

Apart from that, Trump also wanted to initiate a Commission that would look into the irregularities done during the Presidential elections.

In this manner, he wanted to extend the legal challenges even after the new administration takes charge of the office. The commission would look into the alleged irregularities, and the issue would continue for the next few years. However, he could not set up a committee as it was not supported by several republicans.

Trump has recently said that he is willing to transfer power in a peaceful manner and is focused on these activities. Apart from that, he also asked some of his supporters to stay calm and respect the law enforcement agencies of the country.

Several Republicans had even supported the impeachment of the president, and this goes on to show the declining popularity of the president in recent months.

Trump has also declined to attend the swearing-in ceremony of the incoming president. He has, however, agreed to a peaceful transfer of power without creating any further troubles.

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