Trump To Hold Departure Ceremony On Morning Of Biden Inauguration

Trump To Hold Departure Ceremony On Morning Of Biden Inauguration

According to sources, president Donald Trump is likely to hold a departure ceremony on January 20 shortly before the inauguration of Joe Biden. Sources indicate that Trump is likely to hold a farewell ceremony at Joint Base Andrews before his departure from the capital city.

The ceremony may include a color guard and 21 Gun salute. The president has already announced that he would skip the inauguration ceremony of Biden. Along with that, Trump is also likely to skip the traditional Helicopter lift from the US Capitol which symbolises the peaceful transfer of power between two presidents.

Trump To Hold Departure Ceremony On Morning Of Biden Inauguration

However, vice president Mike Pence has said that he would be attending the inauguration. He even called vice president elect Kamala Harris recently and congratulated her. He also offered assistance before she was sworn in as his successor.

The relationship between Trump and Pence has soured in recent days after Pence denied to act on the instructions of Trump to challenge the counting of electoral votes. Trump tried to pressure Pence to overturn the electoral results and insisted that the vice president had the authority to take such measures. On the other hand, Pence had clearly said that he was not authorised to take such decisions and would not act against the constitution in any manner.

Trump To Hold Departure Ceremony On Morning Of Biden Inauguration

During the US Capitol riots, several supporters of Trump chanted “Hang Pence” as they vandalised the building. The vice president was evacuated to safety during the riots. Several Republican leaders also condemned the violence at the US Capitol and some of them even supported the impeachment of the president.

Meanwhile, Biden is gearing up to take charge of the office next week and has made elaborate plans to deal with the pandemic and the economic situation.

Biden has recently announced a proposal to provide a bigger than expected stimulus package to millions of Americans suffering due to the pandemic. He has indicated that an additional stimulus check of $1400 would be provided to Americans in the next few weeks. Apart from that, he also disclosed elaborate plans to deal with the pandemic and said that the administration plans to vaccinate as many people as possible in the next few months.

Giving further details about his plan, Biden said that his team has set a target to vaccinate hundred million people in the first hundred days of his administration. The Federal government is also likely to allocate $20 billion towards the mass vaccination program.

Biden said that the administration wants to take the vaccination program to every corner of the country in the next few months. In order to assist the public health officials in this regard, the Federal government plans to recruit 100,000 pharmacy techs in the next few weeks. This will help the overburdened public health system to reach out to more number of people within a short duration of time.

As of now, the Federal government has supplied more than 30 million doses of covid-19 vaccines across the country. More than 10 million Americans have received the vaccine since last month.

Biden has said that the administration will take every possible measure to control the pandemic at the earliest. The Federal government wants to improve the pace of the vaccination program and take it to every corner of the country. The administration is focusing on improving the vaccinations in rural areas of the country.

The inauguration event is likely to be a low key affair when compared to the past. The authorities have made all the arrangements keeping in mind the covid restrictions in Washington. Apart from that, security agencies have also issued warnings with regards to possible violence during the inauguration event. Due to this reason, the authorities are avoiding crowds during the inauguration ceremony.


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