Trump To Visit US Mexico Border To Highlight Border Wall Progress


President Donald Trump is expected to travel to the US Mexico border on Tuesday. Trump is likely to mark the completion of 400 miles of border wall and the efforts of his administration to reform the the broken immigration system of the country.

The border wall was one of the most important promises made by Trump during the 2016 elections. According to Trump, the border wall would stop the inflow of illegal immigrants and also cut down on the criminal activities in the border region.

Trump To Visit US Mexico Border To Highlight Border Wall Progress

However, Joe Biden is not in favour of constructing the border wall and he has said that he wants to halt the progress once he takes charge of office.

The Trump administration has focused on building hundreds of miles of fencing that go as high as 30 feet apart from the construction of walls. Most of the work was done in the last one year. According to border Patrol officials, the new fencing provides them better facilities when it comes to tackling human smugglers and other criminals.

Trump To Visit US Mexico Border To Highlight Border Wall Progress

The officials also said that they were shutting down illegal border crossing points by implementing the new border wall system. Most of the smugglers had an easy option when it came to transporting illegal substances and they will not be able to do it in future.

Apart from the issue of a border wall, Donald Trump was also very serious about the illegal immigration that happens on the US-Mexico border. During the covid-19 pandemic, most of the illegal immigrants were sent back without providing any legal assistance as there were severe health concerns with regards to the transmission of coronavirus in the border region.

Several civil rights activists were against the measures taken by the Trump administration in this regard and they even filed lawsuits to protect the rights of immigrants. However, the Trump administration managed to prevent a lot of immigrants from coming into the country in 2020 with the help of covid-19 restrictions.

Donald Trump is also facing a lot of obstruction in his Political career in the last few weeks. His provoking messages during the US Capitol riots has come under severe criticism from all corners. Several Republican leaders were also angry with the measures taken by Trump in the last few weeks after he lost the US Presidential elections.

Several members of Congress plan to impose severe restrictions on the president and they want to remove him from office at the earliest. However, there is very little time for Congress to take any action and it may also not get the required majority as some republicans still support Trump.

Considering this situation, the incoming administration is taking suitable measures in order to prevent Trump from taking any aggressive action in the next few days. Several social media companies have also blocked the accounts of Donald Trump as they were used to provoke his supporters to participate in the US Capitol riots. It would be interesting to see the actions of the president in the coming weeks as he is all set to transfer power to the incoming administration.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has indicated that he would not attend the inauguration of the incoming president. This has surprised many people across the country and they have criticized Trump for not accepting the defeat in a healthy manner. Even though Trump has been complaining about fraudulent activities during the recently held US elections, he has finally agreed for a peaceful transfer of power on January 20. This has come as a relief for many people as they were expecting some more clashes with regards to this situation.


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