Trump’s Impeachment Most Likely To Not Proceed


President Joe Biden settled into his new political power with one of the aims being to unify his country and maintain peace. 

In his initial days at the White House, he expressed his determination to his fellow citizens about how they should see themselves as Americans instead of Republics or Democrats. 

But upon the announcement of the date for the impeachment of former President Donald Trump, Biden’s efforts to attain a common ground was hindered.

Trump’s Impeachment Most Likely To Not Proceed

The United States was met with one of its most horrible 4 years which finally breathed hope upon Biden’s win. 

But the challenges are yet to begin. The Trump government had never served any action against the pandemic as a result of which the whole weight is dropped on the Biden government. 

In the midst of all these, the new President has agreed to hold Trump responsible for his actions against Capitol on January 6th. 

Trump’s Impeachment Most Likely To Not Proceed

Biden has also reformed his presidential position with more than 20 executive officers during his first three days in the White House. 

The impeachment trial could easily result in another set of attacks and divisions. But President is trying to suppress the chaos before any violence.

He has made a set of promises that he is answerable to fulfill and provide complete justice to the Capitol riot. 

America still breathes in the hope that Biden might possibly bring new light to the country. The inauguration day in Washington D.C was filled with patriotism and honest promises which the citizens have faith in.

The Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Speaker Nancy Pelosi later announced that the White House would hand over Trump’s impeachment article to the Senate on Monday. 

Trump is stated to be charged with incitement of insurrection. 

The impeachment trial is said to start on 9th February ie; the day after the Senators are sworn in.

This delay in the trial is quite beneficial to Biden as currently only 2 of his Cabinet nominees have been approved. 

When asked about the impeachment, Biden chooses to not comment. Speculations have arisen that he must probably be thinking that impeachment of an ex-president is pointless. 

Also, White House press secretary Jen Psaki closed off further questions of Trump’s impeachment. 

As per the reports of CNN, it has even come to the conclusion that the Senate is less likely to proceed with the trial as it requires the votes of 17 Republicans with 50 Democrats.

Discussions still pertain as to whether Trump should be permanently prohibited from contesting in the elections and punished for his offense. 

But Republicans are also stating whether it is constitutionally necessary to punish an ex-president considering the fact that he is no longer in power. 


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