Two Executive Orders And One Memorandum Signed By Biden


Climate Change is a crucial crisis that had been addressed by the Obama presidency, at a time when Joe Biden was serving as the vice president for Barack Obama. However, after Trump’s election, the former president had denied acknowledging the global crisis and had labeled it to be trumped-up. But with the election of America’s 46th president, Biden has clearly taken up the cause once again and continued the legacy of addressing the menace that is threatening the existence of the world itself. 

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden signed a bunch of orders that address the climate crisis issue. He also signed a memorandum to establish scientific integrity. Biden had told reporters that he is seeing the day as a climate day at the White House. 

Two Executive Orders And One Memorandum Signed By Biden

The Executive Order on Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad upholds the confirmation that the climate crisis is a real issue that must be at the center of US foreign policy and national security. The order prohibits or pauses the interior secretary to enter into any new oil or natural gas leases on public hands or offshore for the time being. 

This order also directs Avril Haines, the Director of National Intelligence, to estimate security implications caused by the climate crisis. It also instructs all other agencies to integrate climate considerations within their framework of international policies. The order also goes on to establish a National Climate Task Force, which assembles leaders from 21 different agencies or departments. 

Two Executive Orders And One Memorandum Signed By Biden

This particular executive order aims to uplift environmental justice and cement the foundation of new and eco-friendly infrastructure projects. It also establishes the special presidential envoy in the National Security Council. Apart from that, it also initiates the development of targets regarding the reduction of emissions. 

Another executive order signed by Biden is the Executive Order on Establishing the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. The order reaffirms the existence of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. This council’s job is to advise the president on the policies that may affect the State’s innovation, science, and technological advancement. 

Apart from these two orders, Biden has also signed a Presidential Memorandum on Scientific Integrity, which gives the Director of Office of Science and Technology Policy the responsibility of seeing to scientific integrity amongst all federal agencies. Those agencies that supervise, instruct, or provide funds for researches are given the task of assigning a senior employee of an agency in the position of Chief Science Officer to establish that the research programs are well-founded on the basis of both Science and Technology. 

Biden has signed these orders on the Climate Crisis and has already ordered the return of the US in the Paris Climate Accord. He had also struck down the Keystone XL Pipeline endorsed by his predecessor. Moreover, he has also struck down around 100 anti-climate actions and policies preached by Donald Trump after coming to power. 

Joe Biden has also hinted towards dissolving the previous government’s subsidies on fossil fuels in the coming days after calling on the Congress. Biden is also looking forward to host the Leader’s Climate Summit on April 22, on the occasion of Earth Day, and to re-establish the Major Economies Forum. 

Biden is not only taking the climate crisis seriously but also Health Care policies. He is likely to review the Title X policy on abortion and strike out the Mexico City Policy too. A lot is happening at the moment, and we hope to see the United States of America thrive in a humane way. 


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