A Few Unconvinced Workers Prefer Facing Consequences Rather Than Getting Vaccinated


Jennifer Bridges used to be a nurse at Houston Methodist Hospital. She extremely loved her job in which she was engaged for eight years.

But rather than getting the Covid-19 vaccine, she chose to get fired from the hospital as she believed that the vaccine would impose a much greater threat to her than the coronavirus. 

A Few Unconvinced Workers Prefer Facing Consequences Rather Than Getting Vaccinated

Bridges is one of the one hundred and fifty employees at Houston Methodist Hospital who got fired or gave their resignation because they were not ready to accept the dose of vaccines. While these were the ones who did not comply with the vaccine, around twenty-five thousand workers of the hospital were ready to get vaccinated.

A Few Unconvinced Workers Prefer Facing Consequences Rather Than Getting Vaccinated

Bridges, who is thirty-nine years of age and a resident of Houston, stated that she had never felt this sense of strength for anything in her life. She felt that the health officials did not conduct proper research on the vaccine as the time taken for its development was very less. She had to face the consequences of getting fired, from a job post that paid her seventy thousand dollars per year, on June 21 which was the last date of the deadline for workers to get vaccinated. 

More and more public services are asking for vaccination as a requirement and Houston Methodist Hospital is one of those private employers. Besides them, the states of New York and California have also imposed the necessity for healthcare workers to be vaccinated. The mandates that were issued by the concerned authorities have shown positive signs in increasing the vaccination rates in healthcare. 

In New York, Governor Kathy Hochul stated on Thursday that from her 625,000 and more healthcare workers, around ninety-two percent of them were vaccinated. She also said that this percentage rose from seventy-three percent from August 16, after the former Governor Andrew Cuomo had issued a deadline for vaccinations, which means, the people had to get vaccinated before September 27.

Howard Zucker, who was the health commissioner at that time, stated that such mandates would help close the vaccination gap and would prevent the spread of the highly transmissible variants of Covid such as the Delta variant.

Many people urged to go with the decision of resigning or getting fired from their jobs over getting the vaccine because they stated that they had been vaccinated for other diseases, but the lack of available data on the three vaccines issued by the United States motivated them enough for taking such a major step, where their future has become uncertain.

But the healthcare officials and medical experts are supporting the vaccine with the statement that these vaccines have received approval for emergency authorization from the FDA in less than a year, rather than being on the waiting list for several years, due to many reasons like sufficient funding, availability of test subjects, international collaborations, et cetera.

Many of the workers that have walked away from their jobs have made enough financial stability to decide to get fired or resign. For instance, Jennifer Bridges knew that she had to sacrifice her financial security to refuse the vaccine shot. On the day she got fired from Methodist, she joined another private nursing company where there was no vaccine requirement. Similarly, many other workers chose to rise against the decision of getting vaccinated and chose to get fired over having financial security for the future.


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