United Airlines Passenger Who Died On Flight Had Covid-19

United Airlines Passenger Who Died On Flight Had Covid-19

According to the latest reports coming from the authorities, the United Airlines passenger who fell ill on a flight from Orlando to Los Angeles died due to covid-19. The report has indicated acute respiratory failure as the cause of death and it has confirmed that the patient was suffering from covid-19. The United Airlines flight from Orlando to Los Angeles was diverted to New Orleans for a medical emergency when the sixtynine-year-old passenger had health issues in flight.

United Airlines Passenger Who Died On Flight Had Covid-19

It was earlier reported that the passenger had symptoms of covid-19 after he died at the hospital. The United Airlines officials also confirmed the fact that they are awaiting reports in this regard and they had also contacted the CDC to look into the issue.

It has now emerged that the reason for the death of the United Airlines passenger was covid-19. Earlier reports in the local media claimed that cardiac arrest was the reason for the death of the passenger. It is a shocking incident as travel is in full boom due to the holiday season. The airlines are not able to screen every passenger properly before they board the flight and this is one of the main reasons for such incidents.

United Airlines Passenger Who Died On Flight Had Covid-19

The CDC is now looking into contact tracing and trying to quarantine the other passengers who were on the flight on the day. This is a difficult process and the department may have to quarantine several dozens of people in this manner. It has not only affected the passengers but also the staff members who came into contact with the person who died on flight.

United Airlines authorities had earlier said that they follow a voluntary disclosure protocol and travellers will have to indicate whether they were diagnosed for covid-19 in the past or had any kind of symptoms. The passenger who died on flight had declared that he did not have any symptoms and he was never diagnosed for covid-19 in the past.

The United Flight had about 154 passengers on that day and it departed Orlando and reached New Orleans due to the medical emergency. The flight later resumed towards Los Angeles. Several passengers posted on social media that the person who complained of illness during flight had covid-19 symptoms. United Airlines officials said that they were informed that a passenger had suffered cardiac arrest on flight.

The airlines did not mention covid-19 as the cause of death of the passenger soon after the incident. They had mentioned that they were contacted by the CDC for the list of passengers so that the agency can get into contact tracing.

Even though the airline officials had said that the passenger had covid-19 symptoms, the actual cause of death was not revealed till the airlines issued a statement.

In a similar incident, a woman in her thirties died from covid-19 on a Spirit Airlines flight in July. Such incidents have become very difficult to handle for the Airlines that are already reeling under severe economic crisis. Airlines are suffering from lack of business and they have to make various arrangements to screen the passengers for covid-19 symptoms.

According to the latest reports by TSA, the agency had screened more than 2 million passengers during the last weekend indicating that the holiday rush had already started across the country. Even as the CDC has issued strict warnings against travel, as it is likely to lead to a huge surge in the number of coronavirus cases, passengers have completely neglected the warnings and continue to travel in record numbers.

The agency is expecting a big spike in coronavirus cases soon after the festival ends and it is difficult to handle the pandemic even when they have a vaccine available in the market. Most passengers are not careful while travelling and travelling for pleasure is not recommended during the covid-19 situation.


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