Unvaccinated Texans Bring More Covid Cases & Deaths This Year!


The new data released on Monday from the Texas Health department proves what health administrators are trying to tell vaccine-hesitant Texans for months. The booster shot of Covid-19 had prevented the death and also it’s the leading tool for preventing transmission of the virus. 

Nearly 29,000 Texans have died from Covid-19 related illness since mid-January. While only 8% of them are fully vaccinated against the virus. As per the reports from the Texas Department of State Health Service findings. 

Covid-19 cases and death as per vaccination status

From the time of January to October, the unvaccinated Texans have created a high number of Covid-19 cases and deaths. While half of the deaths amongst the vaccinated Texans belong to the age below 75. And as per the study, this age group is the most vulnerable to the Covid-19 virus. 

Texas State epidemiologist Dr. Jennifer A Shuford said It’s known for a while that vaccines will be going to have a protective effect on a large component of the Texas population. She further added, After looking at the population and viewing the impact of the vaccine which has been on Texans, it’s just hoping to be able to reach the people in Texas and show them the difference that fully vaccinated people can make. 

Unvaccinated Texans Bring More Covid Cases & Deaths This Year 

The Texas health department study covers most of the Covid-19 positive cases and deaths from January 15 to October 1. This is the first time when the state has been able to statistically measure the impact of the vaccines on pandemics in Texas. It also has the highest number of death tolls in the nation. Most Texans aged 16 and up are not eligible to take vaccines until late March. 

The health officials also found the booster had reduced the risk of the virus transmission which includes the high widespread delta variant which has ravaged Texas over the summer. 

Out of 1.5 million, positive Covid-19 tests examined since January 3% of the people are fully vaccinated. 

The Texas researcher has also matched the electronic lab report and death receipt with the state immunization titles and measured the Covid-19 cases and deaths since mid-January. After the month of the first shot conducted in Texas.   

A study was also done with the same data to those who have used the other states which conducted the same study and procedure by the US center for disease control and prevention, Shuford said.  

Shuford said that the outcome was not surprising and administrators hope for the new data will increase the trust in the shot benefits. 

Shuford further said, Texas is a different place and it has got a lot of assortment, geographic, and population-wise. He also added that some people want to see the actual units and they want to see for their population. Also, they were hoping that it will reach some of the people who have been hesitant and questioning the vaccine benefits. 


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