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Update For The Week: Everything You Need To Know About Covid-19 This Week

The newly elected President of the United States Joe Biden on Friday visited the Pfizer vaccine manufacturing plant based in Michigan. He gave a statement about the safety of the vaccine. He advised Americans to get vaccinated when their turn comes.

Everything You Need To Know About Covid-19 This Week

President Biden in fact pleaded to people to get vaccinated and he also insisted that there is no need to get worried. The Biden administration is taking lots of steps to ramp up the production as well as distribution of Covid-19 vaccine. 

Update For The Week: Everything You Need To Know About Covid-19 This Week

The message by President Biden came amidst the reported delays in shipping of the vaccine due to the winter storm. As per Andy Slavitt, who is the senior advisor at White house, federal partners are planning to make Saturday deliveries. In addition to this, the backlogged doses will get delivered within a week.

Andy Slavitt said that he can’t confirm a date when the crisis will end. But, he said that the Biden administration is doing everything possible to get people vaccinated on time. President Biden also visited the Pfizer vaccine manufacturing plant on Friday. 

After the initial confusion about vaccines, many hospitals , cinics, and health centers have now proper protocols that will make sure that every little dose of the vaccine is used properly. The United States also has plans to open five more vaccination centers in Philadelphia, Florida, Orlando, Miami, and Tampa. 

In another headline for the week, The FDA is reviewing data provided by Johnson & Johnson vaccine trial. There are also plans to consult the agency’s independent advisory committee at the end of the upcoming week. 

Pfizer vaccine manufacturing unit has also informed that they are seeking authorization to store the vaccine in normal freezers at pharmaceuticals instead of the Ultra-cold temperature that is needed at present. 

In a separate news from California, the state will set aside 10% of its first vaccine dose for educators, staff at school, and childcare providers. This move will enable children to get back in the classroom very soon.

Experts also opine that the United States should also try to expand the nation’s testing supply and it should improve the speed by authorizing rapid, paper-based antigen tests. No matter rapid antigen tests are less precise, but it will give a good amount of data. 

In a data released by Jobs Hopkins University, the United States has more than 28 million confirmed cases of Coronavirus. There have been cases of almost 5,00,000 deaths in the United States due to covid-19. At present more than 78.1 million doses have been distributed in the United States and almost 60 million doses have been administered as per the data released by CDC.

In scandalous news, the health minister of Argentina has resigned due to Vaccine scandal. President Alberto removed the Health minister because a journalist found out that he was offering preferential services for vaccines. The firing of the Health minister has garnered lots of attention. 

So, this was the headlines for the week. Stay updated for the covid-19 news by following our platform.

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