A Surge In Child Cases In The United States, Tough Situation For The Medical System

A Surge In Child Cases In The United States, Tough Situation For The Medical System

The students are returning to in-person classrooms with it, Covid-19 cases among children are also rising. The United States reported nearly 252,000 child cases amid the return of students to schools. With every week, a large number of child cases are emerging.

A Surge In Child Cases In The United States, Tough Situation For The Medical System

The United States reported the highest number of child cases in the last week. 26.8% of the total Covid-19 cases in the United States are child cases.

The definition of child cases is variable, but it generally includes children up to 18 years. The child cases observed a decline in early summers but now are rising again. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, a total of 5 million children have contracted the virus. 750,000 cases were reported in the last month alone.

Organizations say that the country is experiencing an “exponential” increase in Covid-19 cases.

In June, the weekly child cases reported were 8,400, the number of cases now is 300 times higher. The CDC data stated that more than half of the cases are from the South. According to federal data, pediatric hospital admissions are now up by 600%. The hospitalization rate is also higher by 308% from last year.

In the United States, 2,400 children are admitted to hospitals either with confirmed Covid-19 virus or suspected Covid-19 virus.

The governor of Texas has banned mask mandates in schools. It is giving rise to a higher number of hospitalized children infected with the virus. Texas has the highest number of hospitalized children.

Dr. James Versalovic told ABC News, “It is the fourth way, but it is the most hazardous wave so far.” He added, “ mostly children and adults are getting infected in this surge.”

An eleven-year-old girl succumbed to Covid-19 days after going back to her classroom in Texas. The girl was not eligible for vaccination so far. Her mother informed ABC News that her lungs were majorly damaged and needed breathing treatment every four hours.

Children are prone to severe illness and thus are at higher risk of dying due to Covid-19. The long-term consequences of the virus are a serious concern too. The AAP and CHA want more data collection for the same. It is believed that infected children can have long-term health issues. The consequences of the virus are believed to be physical, emotional, and mental.

The ban on mask mandate in several states is under investigation, The White House informed. The surge in child cases amid school returning is a worrying situation. Children under 12 years are ineligible for vaccination. Keeping them at higher risk of getting infected as they return to the in-person classrooms.

The availability of booster doses for American citizens by September 20 is also under discussion. For now, only Pfizer’s booster dose is being assessed: for its safety and efficiency. The FDA will be conducting a meeting on 17, September for the discussion of booster shots.

For now, experts are encouraging adults to take the vaccine to protect young children against the virus. The plan is to surround the unvaccinated young children with vaccinated adults. In this way, the younger children can be protected against the virus.


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