A US Study Shows Adults Using Vapes Want To Stop

A US Study Shows Adults Using Vapes Want To Stop

Electronic cigarettes are used to replace and make people quit smoking traditional cigarettes. But many users eventually end up vaping and smoking. This was found in extensive research.

Study first author Amanda Palmer, a postdoctoral fellow at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), in Charleston said that electronic cigarettes may work for some people but can be very bad for others. More than 30,000 adults across the United States took part in the study. The research gave a result that the people who tried to leave smoking cigarettes in the first place wanted to leave vaping as well.

A US Study Shows Adults Using Vapes Want To Stop

There are research data that gave evidence that e-cigarettes can be as powerful as medication to assist people to quit smoking. There were many who continued to vape later they’ve given up traditional cigarettes. But both of these may have similar health issues and thus they want to quit both.

A US Study Shows Adults Using Vapes Want To Stop

“What’s interesting about the people who keep using e-cigarettes after they’ve quit smoking is that we don’t really see that effect with other types of nicotine replacement drugs,” Palmer explained properly in an MUSC news announcement.

There were people using a nicotine patch or nicotine gum for months or years but they were not receiving any better results on quitting smoking. But these were not addictive. While on the other hand,

e-cigarettes are intended to be addictive. The authors of the studies showed this result. These are similar to smoking, so, these are hard to leave.

There were people who found it difficult to leave both the products who used them. However, there is no particular research on the people who only smoked vapes.

Toll, the chief of tobacco cessation and health behaviors at the Hollings Cancer Center at MUSC, and an associate professor of public health sciences explained that any of these releasing products can be addictive to a person.

He added more than most of his patients who switched to e-cigarettes, eventually found it hard to quit them. But it is a positive thing that they want to quit. 

This study suggests that this change in addiction might require more research on different behavioral treatments/. It will add different coping strategies and actions. From the current estimation, there are approximately 3% of U.S. adults who vape. There is a lot of attention to the situation of e-cigarettes being addictive to youth and adolescents.

But people more than the age of 25 showed a positive mind set-up in leaving all forms of smoking. Young people like to do more experiments with e-cigarettes for thrill and fun, while adults want to create a proper habit of either leaving it forever or compiling it with something that may complement the same. Talking with the doctor is the best way to quit vaping or even smoking. All electronic cigarettes are not always 100% safe and can become more addictive. If anyone is considering quitting smoking, they should not start with vaping on the other hand.


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