Using Software for Estimating Details for Construction Projects

Construction projects need precise materials, laborers, and tools. To provide these construction estimating services are provided. These services are a collection of estimated details about the project’s requirements. They can be manual or digital depending on the devices and tools which are used to prepare them. Manual services are becoming a thing of the past due to their certain limitations. These limitations are also making way for the digital services that use estimating software. These have proven to be beneficial in various manners mainly because of software.

The article will study how software assists and facilitates in preparing these details.

What is Digital Estimation and Estimating Software?

Estimation is prepared against project drawings which can be manual or digital. This differentiation is carried out on the basis of the tools used. If manual tools are used for estimation and everything is stated over a piece of paper, it is a manual estimation. While digital tools are used, that is software and its constituting tools.

Digital estimation requires and utilizes estimating software. These software are particularly designed to facilitate the process. Similarly, a digital estimator has to learn how to use software to prepare estimates; and troubleshoot the software just in case of malfunctions.

What is Common Estimating Software?

Different estimating software are used in the construction industry by freelance estimators and estimating firms. Their developers keep updating them and developing new software. Some of these software are used for trade-specific estimation while there are ones used for all sorts of construction trades.

Common and highly used software are FreshBooks, STACK, ProEST, Esticom, Builder Trend, Contractor Foreman, Projul, Clear Estimates, Sage Estimating, SimPRO, Houzz Pro, ProEst, PlanSwift, Procore, BuildXact, Clear Estimates, Estimator360 and etc.

What are the Benefits of Using Software?

Opting for digital estimating and using estimating software come with different benefits while estimating. These include:

Time is an important concern while estimating. Contractors and others need these services to get an accurate estimated idea about the project’s cost. This helps with decision-making and bidding for the project. Both of these tasks need to be completed as soon as possible. Using software makes it easy to complete estimation in very little time.

Estimating errors are sorted with very little effort. There is a great chance of error while handling everything manually. Every calculation has the tendency to lead to mistakes and errors. At the same time, the tools in software makes it very easy. The constituting tools help with mistakes and errors. This helps the estimator to deliver the right results.

Similarly, accuracy is ensured through software. Accuracy is a vital milestone for estimates. This is sorted through the usage of a software. As measures are made with tools in software, they are accurate. The errors and irregularities associated with manual measurement are completely taken care of. It then in turn completes the overall accuracy of the estimates.

Adjustments and modifications can be made with very little effort. The project plan can be adjusted or modified through the estimation stage or later on. In either of the cases, the estimates should also be in concurrence in the same manner. The software makes it very easy; which is much easier than manual estimating.

It makes the handling of estimates easy. Once an estimate is complete it needs storage and transfer safely for the right outcome. Firstly, the software eliminates the need for paper. Digital estimates are computer files that can be stored with ease. Similarly, they can be easily sent through online modules.

Estimates can be stored for a long time. This is due to soft copy storage in the computer system and also because of soft copy storage in cloud storage. It also covers protection against computer viruses. Estimators can be stored in protected cloud storage to ensure that estimates are stored for the required amount of time. This provides for the estimator’s portfolio and future help with the estimation process.

These are some of the prominent benefits of using software for estimating construction projects.


Construction projects need accurate details for the process. To have detailed services such as construction estimating Texas are needed. These services can be manual (made using manual tools) or digital (using digital tools i.e., software). Today digital estimation is in demand and it requires software. This does wonders providing certain benefits for the estimation process.


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