Vaccination Choices: Johnson & Johnson Or Pfizer

Vaccination Choices: Johnson & Johnson Or Pfizer

On Wednesday, citizens of Miami that went to get vaccinated were allowed to choose which vaccine they wanted. Their options were the Johnson & Johnson vaccine which has recently received the stamp of approval from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The other vaccine available was the Pfizer vaccine.

Vaccination Choices: Johnson & Johnson Or Pfizer

On Saturday, the Food and Drug Administration allowed for the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine which is a one-dose vaccine, unlike the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines which require two doses. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is made by Jansen and is considered to be a good choice for many reasons.

Vaccination Choices: Johnson & Johnson Or Pfizer

Firstly, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is reported to be both safe and effective. It is considered flexible as well as easy to store. Another advantage is that this vaccine is a single-dose vaccine. Officials have advised that people over 18 years old can take the shot.

While choosing which vaccine to be immunized with, the public may consider the chance of protection that each vaccine offers. Officials are worried that since Johnson & Johnson or is only 72 % effective for protection against the virus, many may not choose to vaccinate with it. 

They are concerned that since the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines guarantee 95 % protection, people will consider the Johnson & Johnson vaccine as a second rate. This could be potentially problematic as officials advise that the public should vaccinate with whatever immunization shot is available to prevent the further spread of the Coronavirus.

So far the vaccine has been issued to over 3 million citizens in Florida, the majority of which consists of senior citizens. The director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management,  Jason Mahon stars that all vaccination sires in Florida i.e. Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville are allowing the public to choose between the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and the Pfizer vaccine. 

Many citizens have stated their preference for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine over the Pfizer and the Moderna vaccines. The most common reason is that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine only requires one administration whereas the other vaccines need to be administered in two doses.

Lolita White, one of the citizens who opted for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine stated that she found the experience both liberating and scary as she has a fear of needles. She emphasized her relief when she found supportive and understanding health care workers who administered the vaccine to her.

Another citizen, Guillermo Muñoz also opted for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine as he states that though he is confident all vaccines will prove effective. He prefers the one dose option found with Johnson & Johnson vaccine. He says that getting your vaccination shots done brings us one step closer to reaching herd immunity. In doing so we are helping to protect the lives of others as well as ourselves.

Some citizens expressed a differing opinion. They expressed a greater faith and confidence in the Pfizer vaccine. The reason being that the Pfizer vaccine has been available for a longer period, thereby making it the more trustworthy choice. 

Rocio Mendez explains that they don’t have as much knowledge about the new Johnson & Johnson vaccine as compared to the Pfizer vaccine. Ruth Watkins seems to agree as she proclaims that her faith in the Pfizer vaccine’s level of quality is high in her estimation. She believes in their products to the extent that she has even invested in the company. 

Anthony Fauci, the leading medical expert in the country has stated that the type of vaccine one chooses is not important so long as everyone makes it their mission to get vaccinated. He described all three vaccines as highly efficacious. 


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