Vert Shock Program Reviews – Does This Program Increase Your Hops?

Vert Shock Program Reviews

Vertical jumping is a skill that requires strenuous effort and consistency to see significant improvements. Improving the skill can be a long process as it demands a considerable amount of daily effort, consistency, and patience. Vert shock can make it possible; the vert shock program will eliminate the length it normally requires in attaining success in vertical jumping.

Vert Shock Program Reviews – Does It Work Within 8 Weeks?

The workout focuses on explosive workouts that can be performed at home, and it employs techniques to shock the muscular system, fulfilling the objective of enhancing vertical jumping abilities. This is a three-phased program that lasts eight weeks.

Vert Shock Program Review

Vert shock reviews are outpoured with thankfulness mainly because of their effectiveness. Here is a Vert Shock Program review that will enlist more about the program, the phases, and its pros and cons in depth.

What is Vert Shock Program

The vert shock program lasts for eight weeks, and it is a 3-part program. The workout does not solely focus on strength training; it uses methods to shock the muscle system and teaches you how to use your fast-twitch muscle fibers, subsequently leading to strengthened and improved vertical jumping abilities.

As far as the results are concerned, in the very first week of completion, followers of this program can expect 3-5 inches of improvement in a jump shot. In other words, the Vert Shock system has increased smart work and decreased unnecessary hard work.

Vert Shock Program Results

Creator of Vert Shock Program

The Vert Shock system was created by Adam Folk, who is an NCAA basketball player, and during the early stages of his career, he faced problems with vertical jumping; his jump height was less than 14 inches. After persistent effort, the inventor of this program faced massive success, and the vert shock program is now acknowledged and praised by many.

Vert Shock Program Phases

The vert shock program has 3 phases; after successfully completing the 3 phases, you can achieve your desired outcomes.

Vert Shock Phase 1: Pre shock phase

The first phase lasts for a week and promises to improve vertical jumping by 3-5 inches. It prepares an individual for the other phases by allowing one to identify his/her muscle fiber usage.

Phase 1: Pre shock phase

Vert Shock Phase 2: Shock phase

This is one of the main phases of the overall Vert Shock Program review, and it plays a crucial role in directing people towards success. It lasts for 6 intense weeks. Consistency, natural willingness, and effort will be tested during this phase.

Plyometric and strength training exercises mainly make up the second phase. Moreover, individuals will learn ways to control the nervous system to obtain explosive energy from fast-twitch muscle fiber without exhausting one’s reserved energy.

Phase 2: Shock phase

Vert Shock Phase 3: Post shock

The final phase mainly focuses on muscle coordination allowing individuals to indulge in explosive performances without draining mental energy, and most importantly, it focuses on jumping higher. If the instructions are adequately and consistently followed, a 15-inch difference can be witnessed in your vertical jumping shots.

Phase 3: Post shock

Benefits of Vert Shock Program

Along with the benefits of vertical jumping, the vert shock program has a lot to offer. Those who consistently follow the program and its instructions can expect the following benefits in almost no time.

  • Increased explosiveness
  • Strengthened core and lower body
  • Vert Shock workouts significantly enhanced vertical jumping skills
  • Strengthened cardiovascular health
  • Improved biomechanics
  • Vert Shock workouts helps to improve muscle coordination

Who can use Vert Shock Program

Basketballers can make the most of this program as it focuses on increasing explosiveness and enhancing vertical jumping, but the exercises in the program are a combination of advanced plyometrics, core, and strength workouts that can fulfill many other goals. Footballers, runners, or athletes into calisthenics and bodyweight workouts can also reap the broad range of benefits the Vert Shock has to offer.

Pros and Cons of Vert Shock Program

There are pros and cons to everything, and it also applies here. Even though the vert shock program secures promising results, there are a few limitations that need to be considered.


  • Gym equipment is not needed in the entire system
  • You don’t need prior experience to start the program
  • Videos and useful tips are provided in the program to eliminate your queries and concerns.
  • A tracking system is also included, allowing you to maintain progress records.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • No scientific explanation about the program
  • Maybe demotivating as there’s no live supervision
  • Inconsistency will lead to unfavorable results

Is the Vert Shock Program Legit or not?

The only way to find that out; is to try it. But to answer the question, there are countless success stories shared by individuals who have made substantial improvements by following the vert shock program. Videos and Clips were also posted that further prove the reliability of the program. However, those who experienced massive success were consistent followers who followed each and every instruction adequately.

So as far as the legitimacy of the program is concerned, from the looks of it, it seems to be pretty reliable, and over 10,000 people from all around the world follow this program.

What to expect from Vert Shock Program?

As a regular follower of the program, you can expect to be benefited in some way or another. The program lasts for 8 weeks, and as mentioned earlier, it is a combination of advanced plyometrics, lower body workout, and strength workout that improves muscle coordination and flexibility.

From the fitness aspect, you will start feeling much calmer and more composed. The High-intensity workouts in the program will boost your stamina and eliminate laziness. Even though the system is mainly focused on improving vertical jumping abilities, completing the program will also fulfill other requirements that are needed by basketballers or athletes. You are expected to jump 15 inches higher.

Vert Shock Program Customer Reviews & Complaints

Only a few consumers have been dissatisfied with the Vert Shock exercise, but the majority of the Vert Shock Program reviews are positive. Around 10,000 individuals have tried this program, and most of them are happy with the results.

This is the reason the site is poured with lots of positive Vert Shock Program reviews. However, some users are not happy with the results as they mentioned zero improvements after following the exercise for several weeks. But most of them used it in an improper way.

Vert Shock Program Customer Reviews & Complaints

Vert Shock Program Pricing & Availability

60 days money-back guarantee is what the vert shock exercise offers, and this has played a huge role in attracting new customers. If you purchased any of the program’s services and did not receive the promised results, you will receive a full refund. Below are the prices of the program distributed as a hard copy or an e-book. It is available in full stock; however, the availability of personalized check-ins needs to be confirmed through the website.

  • 4 vertical killer jumps E-guide – 17$
  • Dirty secrets to jumping higher- 19$
  • Personalized check-ins through emails – 29$

Vert Shock System Bonuses

Apart from lower body workouts, the vert shock program can drastically increase upper body muscle strength and can allow you to achieve additional goals seamlessly.

Final Verdict – Does This Program Worth It?

From this detailed Vert Shoch Program review, this system is one of the best ways to achieve specific goals and objectives. It demands consistency, persistent effort, and patience to bring fruitful outcomes. It’s definitely worth the try since the majority of the people have obtained favorable results, and it also guarantees a 100% refund.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do people start the vert shock program?

A: Mostly for vertical jump training.

Q: What are some of the vert shock workouts?

A: Vert shock Workouts include bodyweight squats, multi-direction lunges, box jumps, and around the square.

Q: How long is the vert shock program?

A: 8 weeks and consists of 3 phases.

Q: Do I need a gym to perform the vert shock program?

A: No, it’s non-gym training.

Q: Is it legit and better than other techniques?

A: Yes, it is very much legit, and it is more of a faster and effective solution that is also used to strengthen muscles.


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