Wayne Knight Filmed Fewer Episodes Of Seinfeld Than You Likely Thought


As he developed his Newman character, Knight recalled the work of actors he had watched as a child. In the noir style of old movies on TV, he saw players fueling the drama with their actions and words. “The little jog I did walking into a room as Newman in ‘Seinfeld’ … was a tribute to those actors,” he told The Wall Street Journal in 2020.

While Newman started out as the landlord’s relative whose primary function was to spy and snoop, Knight developed him into a more differentiated character with career ambitions, romantic interests, and an impressive way with words. Decades after the end of “Seinfeld,” Newman still resonates, to the point that Knight can’t get rid of him even if he wanted to. In 2020, when a Democratic organization came forward with an allegation defending the US Postal Service, Knight reprized his role, reprising his role as Newman. This time he was there for more than just a laugh.

“If we could capture the voice, if we could make it funny, and if we could get the message across, I felt like it would get out there in a way that would reach people,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “And that was important.”

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