We Might Finally Know Who Created The Upside Down On Stranger Things


The Stranger Things crew first made contact with beings from Upside Down thanks to Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), who accidentally used her telekinetic powers to open an interdimensional gate. This not only invited Demogorgons onto the streets of Hawkins, Indiana, but allowed the dreaded Mind Flayer to gain a temporary foothold on Earth. Considering that Eleven and her friends helped stop the Upside Down residents from taking over the world, you’d think it had nothing to do with his creation, right? In reality, that may not be entirely true.

During an interview with SFX Magazine, Stranger Things set designer Chris Trujillo revealed that Eleven may have had something to do with the Upside Down manifestation. Discussing the process behind creating the Wheeler House, Trujillo said, “The moment the Upside Down was accidentally ‘created’ by Eleven, the set dressing, and the world froze in that moment.” He would have It’s easy to mispronounce himself, but should his claim turn out to be true, it would drastically change the complexion of all four seasons of Stranger Things as we know it.

While this is far from official confirmation that Eleven is involved in the making of Upside Down, it’s an intriguing tidbit of information no less. One can only hope that confirmation will come one way or another during the final two seasons of Stranger Things.

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