What Chicago Med Fans Still Don’t Understand About April


As previously mentioned, April Sexton, Yaya DaCosta’s nurse practitioner, is not shy when it comes to voicing her concerns about ER protocol or other issues faced by staff. As it turns out, it’s precisely this particular, super-confident personality trait that has led a number of fans to challenge the character.

As detailed in the Chicago Med Reddit discussion titled, “Why doesn’t April think the rules apply?”, several viewers took the time to specify exactly how they felt about Sister Sexton’s approach to her duties in think of the show. User u/apietenpol started the bitch session, writing: “I’m sick of April rattling the saber when things don’t go the way she sees fit ie her patient she wanted to have [hospital clinical drug] Try… She’s become one of my least favorite characters. Someone has to knock her off her moral high horse.”

Reddit contributor u/ateeightat agreed that April’s moral compass was the issue, saying, “She seems to prioritize her morals over professional or social issues [etiquette].” And Redditor u/KeekatLove summed up the general mood of the thread, adding a little bonus snark about former Chicago Med doctor Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto): “Is she trying to get Natalie on the least popular character? Because I have room for both of them.”

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